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US Foreign Investment and VISA Outlook | April 2020


The current investment market for foreigners is intrinsically tied to VISA allocation through the EB5 Program.


H1B VISA over petitions

Non-permanent immigrants looking to work in the USA in sectors deemed “non-essential” should see a decrease in VISA approval rates due to the economic response of the increased unemployment affecting domestic US workers, all caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
US Policy will be, presumably, to kick start the economy by focusing on domestic – not foreign – labor. However, essential services such as the agricultural sector, shouldn’t see as much of a decrease in H1B VISA approval.



How does this affect the EB5 Investor?

Firstly, this decrease in H1B approval will not affect the EB5 Visa holders or applicants.

Secondly, the longer the Coronavirus AND the oil pricing plunge continue to dismantle the economy, the more desperate ALL sectors will become for economic stimulation.

The EB5 program stimulates the local economy, creates jobs, provides a return on investment, and helps secure a GREEN CARD for the foreign investor and his/her family.

The first two aspects relate to the domestic market. The last two aspects to the foreign investor. However, through the EB5 Program, these benefits are fortuitously tied together. The local economy gets a boost, the investor increases their portfolio and can gain access to the benefits of living in the US.



Regarding EB5 USCIS Projects, traditional areas of low supply but high demand for EB5 Projects include states like Kentucky. However, foreign investors from Latin America often choose to invest in locations such as New York or even more so, Florida.

Due to the economic downturn associate with COVID-19 and oil price free fall, forecasted TEA Map changes could mean more opportunity for EB5 investment in investment hot spots, or locations that may not normally get accepted for the EB5 job stimulus program. This would mean that investors will have more choice in where they would like to invest. Here are some EB5 Projects offered by BAI Capital at the moment.

In the upcoming months and years, any and all stimulus to the US economy will be welcome. As it stands, being part of the EB5 investment is the most secure way to gain your US Green Card – especially in the current climate! As H1B Visa approval rate is looking to decrease to prioritize the domestic worker, that route for access into the US is not as viable. Besides the H1B is a NON-permanent Visa, unlike the EB5 Visa. This crucial difference makes all the difference.


In conclusion, keep in mind the following 4 points for April 2020:

  1. The American and Global economy is suffering from the effects of the Coronovirus Quarantine and plunging gas prices;
  2. There are still opportunities for investment in the US at this point as well as VISA petition for foreigners;
  3. The investment market for foreigners is intrinsically tied to VISA allocation through the EB5 Program provided by USCIS;
  4. Individual projects well suited for Latin American investors are brokered by BAI Capital.


South Miami Beach

The various EB5 VISA / Investment Projects offered by BAI Capital are based in Florida and New York. To learn which one is best for you, as the foreign investor, contact BAI through the form below.


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