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Tour in Mexico City 2024: Structuring the origin of funds and tax planning

This April 2, the BAI Capital Tour begins in Mexico City, with the objective of providing investors interested in the EB-5 Program with the opportunity to obtain the structuring of the origin of their funds confidentially and free of charge.

Structuring the origin of funds is the most important part of obtaining the Green Card with the EB-5 Federal Immigration Program. Correctly carrying out this process can largely ensure that the application is approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

For this reason, BAI Capital, an American company with more than 13 years of experience in real estate development and EB-5 investments, arrives again in Mexico, this time offering the specific opportunity to completely structure the origin of EB-5 funds. private.

From April 2 to April 20, we will be in Polanco, Mexico City, with the objective of providing our clients and investors with the possibility of correctly advancing this process with the paralegal and expert in the EB-5 Immigration Program of the firm Akerman, Joaquín Braco.

We will also have the presence of Victor Padilla, fiscal and tax planner from Tax Planning Plus, who will be available to help you create your new road map as a US resident and plan your American taxes in the best way.

The importance of the origin of funds in the EB-5 Program

As we mentioned previously, demonstrating the legality of the origin of the funds that you intend to use for an EB-5 investment is essential for a successful process.

Carlos Sandoval, an expert in the origin of EB-5 funds from the company UHY, comments that the key to being able to carry out this process satisfactorily is to clearly identify where the investment to be used comes from, how the transactions that allowed the assets to be built were produced, and in this way we can openly trace the origin of the 800 thousand dollars.

“We need to identify the entire cycle, from A to C, and clarify that in the report to USCIS, with documents that show and support the transactions.”

Learn about the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program

‍The Federal EB-5 Program is a project created by the US government in 1990 and administered by the USCIS, which allows foreign individuals and their immediate families to obtain permanent residence in the United States through an investment in the country.

That is, if you make an investment of $800,000 USD in a US commercial company, which creates 10 or more jobs, you can apply for a Green Card: The first step to obtaining American citizenship.

The benefits of obtaining a Green Card in the US are varied, but among the most important are having the freedom to live, work and study permanently throughout the country, the opportunity to obtain in-state tuition for students at discounted prices and access to one of the most complete and modern health systems in the world.Tour in Mexico City 2024: Structuring the origin of funds and tax planning

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