With offices in Miami, São Paulo and Mexico City, BAI Capital is a boutique company that invests in real estate opportunities in Florida and new York. Our conservative investment methodology focuses on the application of capital in medium-sized projects located in growth areas and that require investments in a useful life span of 5 to 7 years.

Bai Capital

BAI Capital applies capital through partnerships with private and family investors from regions outside the United States, which as preferential partners benefit from access to a diversified portfolio of opportunities that guarantees the Investor’s capital against assets and profit distribution. The investor BAI Capital also enjoys the benefits generated from the interest applied to the money that this applies in our projects.

We also offer our investors the possibility of obtaining the Green Card, the permanent residence of the United States of America, through the EB5 program. It is a pride for BAI Capital to share that for over 10 years we have invested in diversified real estate projects throughout Florida and new York along with our investors to whom we have a strong and permanent relationship.

We facilitate the dreams of families in building heritage through a diversification in the investment portfolio, applying capital to properties in U.S. territory, with the reason for obtaining the Green Card through the program for EB-5 Inmigrant investors or wealth diversification through Equity projects.

BAI Capital Consultants have a deep knowledge in project analysis for the EB5 program such as inspection of investment documentation, structuring the origin of funds for petition to the EB5 program, Positive impact analysis Prior to an investment, guidance on the different types of visas for investors, investment analysis in Private Equity projects, real estate and financial development, tax administration, wealth management, planning of Business, regulatory and administrative procedures in the region, commercial and financial services, hedge funds, private equity.

BAI Capital was considered Top EB5 Migration Agent in June 2018, a recognition for our labor in advising Latin American investors in the process of applying foreign Capital to the American economy. Our company is affiliated with the Regional Center approved by the US Department of Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) for the states of Florida and New York, which means that foreign investors can acquire the Green Card, the permanent residence in United States, investing in our projects through the EB-5 program.

Our mission
BAI Capital’s mission is to advise Latin American investors to expand and apply capital in real estate projects in the United States, with the reason for obtaining the Green Card through the EB-5 inmigrant Investor Program or by Wealth diversification through Equity projects.

Our highly skilled and experienced team can guide you through every step of the process of finding the right properties or investment projects in the United States, regardless of your goal.

Capital Diversification
The attractive incomes of the real estate market arouse the attentions of investors who want to diversify their assets and apply their capital beyond their region, as is the case of real estate investments in the United States, which receive great attention from Latin American investors.

BAI Capital is a company that is fully dedicated to capturing profitable projects of investments in the hotel and residential industry by offering them to their group of investors who find in these ventures an opportunity to apply their Capital in a reliable manner and with attractive returns.

The equity investment projects of BAI Capital are located in Miami, Orlando and New York, American cities with great economic growth and high development index in residential and hotel construction, which allows the investor to have Returns of up to 8.5% per year.

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