Become an equity partner on distinctive real estate projects. Invest with us as a preferred equity partner.

BAI Capital offers equity projects for Latin American investors seeking to diversify their investments. We offer the EB-5 Investor Immigrant Program that grants permanent residency to the qualified investor.

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Why be a real estate investor in the United States

Investing in real estate in the United States provides better returns than investing in the stock market, for example, which has enormous volatility.

Request an exclusive service with a BAI Capital consultant. If your investor profile is within the EB-5 program, you can apply for the American Green Card.

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Why Invest with BAI Capital

Our company is formed by specialists in investment, immigration, taxes and corporate affairs. Our credibility with years in the American real estate sector has given us a prestige among our investors who entrust their capital applications with our organization.

BAI Capital has a history of more than 10 years boosting the capital of Latin American investors in real estate projects located in the United States.

Investing in real estate in the United States with BAI Capital can benefit you and your family by obtaining the Green Card, allowing you to live in the United States forever.

Our experience positions us as leaders in the sector. We will support you in the whole process from the beginning to the achievement of the Green Card, avoiding possible problems with taxes, or inconvenience with immigration. BAI Capital has the mission to advise the investor in all stages of the process.


The advantage of working with BAI Capital is that our company is affiliated with the Regional Center approved by the US Department of Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) for the states of Florida and New York, which means that foreign investors can acquire the Green Card, the permanent residency in the United States, investing in our projects through the EB-5 program.


The investment specialists agree that there is no better application than what is done in the "bricks", that is, in the real estate market, since it has excellent conditions in relation to the conservation of the value of money, differently from investment in corporate actions.

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