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The EB-5 Program in September 2021


Prepare yourself and your petition application to take advantage of the expected $500,000 USD window.


Today’s EB5 message is simple, and it comes from our Senior Investment Advisor at BAI Capital, Iván Rodríguez.

Let’s hear from Iván.

Here are the current EB-5 facts as of September 2021:

  1. The program investment amount (as of June 22) is currently at 500,000 USD.
  2. However, the program was not re-authorized at the beginning of July.
  3. We expect program re-authorization at the end of September in the US Annual Spending bill, with the investment amount continuing at 500,000 USD.

But the question is, for how long?

It is possible that in the next few months to come, the amount to invest may rise to the previous 900,000 USD as per the Modernization Rule of 2019, or to an amount between.

Your best course of action:

If you are considering the EB-5 Program as your pathway to US residency, we recommend you get your source of funds documentation ready now. The opportunity to take advantage of the 500,000 USD investment window may be short when the program is expected to resume at the beginning of October.

– Iván Rodríguez, Senior Investment Advisor at BAI Capital.


>>>> Follow this link to the official USCIS website

Visa EB-5


Your Life. Your Future. Your Legacy.

The choice to emigrate to the USA is not an easy one, nor is it made overnight. If you believe that your destiny and future lies in America, prepare yourself for the journey of your life.

The EB-5 Program may be your best path to the US Green Card and Permanent Residency.

Contact an immigration and investment specialist at BAI Capital today.

We have several TEA-approved EB-5 real estate developments in Florida. Based on our track record, we fully expect they will create the required jobs for your successful petition.

We also work hand in hand with immigration lawyers that specialize in the Green Card process. These attorneys can guide you with your best legal option to move forward in 2021.


Good luck with your journey.



*** Photo by Adam Rutkowski on Unsplash ***

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