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Impact on investments in Brazil with the winning result of Lula Da Silva

The election of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula) as Brazil’s next president has raised in one sector the hope that the country’s economy will recover from its prolonged fall. But this could be accompanied by an interest in diversifying money, primarily in investments in the United States.

This, as investors remain cautious about investing their money in Brazil because they fear that an increase in public spending could trigger inflation, which could shy away from capital abroad and lead to an even deeper recession.

Brazil has a unique economy that has relied heavily on the export of commodities. The Brazilian economy is a complex mix of agricultural, industrial and service sectors.

Brazil is a large producer of raw materials such as soy, sugar, coffee and beef. When the price of these commodities drops, it can have a significant impact on Brazil’s economy, as it did in 2015, when prices fell dramatically due to oversupply issues.

Brazilian assets fell Monday as investors waited for details of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s plans for Latin America’s largest economy

The value of the Brazilian real fell 2% against the US dollar before recovering slightly and trading down 0.8% at 9:16 a.m. Monday, according to prices collected by Bloomberg.

In U.S. premarket transactions, the $5.5 billion iShares MSCI Brazil ETF fell 2%, and Petroleo Brasileiro SA shares – also known as Petrobras – plunged 6%. According to Brazil Markets Fall as Traders Wait for Lula’s Cabinet Picks.

It is important that the government be proactive in managing the effects of rising and falling raw material prices in Brazil. If commodity prices rise, it may be better for the government to take advantage of this opportunity by investing in infrastructure projects that ensure future growth. This can help offset some of the losses from fluctuating raw material prices by ensuring a constant flow of goods and services in the country.

Brazilian investors in the USA

Brazilian overseas investors’ reaction is significant. Many investors in the U.S. are looking for real estate, while others want to open up new business opportunities to add more stability to their portfolios during periods of economic uncertainty and political change. Tight election results show that Brazilians will have to wait under tense uncertainty for new policies to boost the country’s economic recovery.

In conclusion, Jair Bolsonaro’s post-chairmanship will experience a landscape of great difficulty and multiple challenges. The global economic crisis continues to affect the Brazilian economy, which has not yet fully recovered.

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As we have seen, the election of Lula Da Silva as president of Brazil can have a big impact on investments in and out of the country.

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