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COVID-19 Strategy: Invest safely in the USA without flying, Part 2

Risks versus returns- this is the game all investors play. Sadly, the unfortunate and tragic global events of 2020, including COVID-19, have made the investment process a little more complicated than normal.

However, 2020 doesn’t have to mean more risk, and it’s not shut for business. All 3 types of our BAI Capital investments can be completed while abroad.

In brief, this is how you invest in the US from home:

  1. After reviewing our projects, you choose your preferred option.
  2. Money is sent and held in a third party government regulated escrow account until the shares or property are purchased, or until the visa petition is filed for the Green Card.
  3. Once the process is finished you can enjoy the returns on your investment, and, if you invested for a visa option you may also relocate to America.

Last week we explained how to apply for the EB5 Visa securely from abroad.

Today, in our second in series email, we discuss how to safely invest in Equity, Property and the E2 Treaty Investor Visa, all WITHOUT having to leave your country.


Private Equity Investment Steps from Abroad

  1. Determine if you pre qualify as an accredited investor according to SEC Regulation D by complying with at least one of the following options: A. Must have a net worth greater than 1 mm USD either individually or jointly with spouse not included primary residence OR B. Had an income of at least 200,000 USD on each of the two most recent years (or 300,000 USD together with the spouse).
  2. After consulting with BAI Capital, the investor will choose whether to invest as a Preferred or Common Equity partner in the fund of their choice.
  3. Once the source of funds and income are documented the investor will need to wire the investment capital to an “escrow account”. An escrow account is managed by a third independent party registered with the SEC whose sole responsibility is to hold the funds in their own account until the contract is finalized. We work with Granite Escrow recognized as leaders in EB5 Escrow.
  4. Depending on the equity investment, returns begin within one year as 7 or 8% coupons and are distributed quarterly, with targeted returns of up to 20%.
  5. Investors will not need to fly to America to enjoy returns on their Equity Investment.

Please read our Private Equity Support Document for more information.


Property Investment Steps from Abroad

  1. The investor chooses the property type and payment option. A. For already built properties, mortgages of 50% are available for foreign investors with one time 50% down payment. B. For pre-construction properties, mortgages 50% for foreign investors with 50% down-payment, flexible payments made during construction.
  2. If the property is fully built we can organize mortgage and closing documents without having to come to United States and once financing is ready the exchange of ownership deed can also be done from overseas. If the property is not yet fully built then the buyer will go through a reservation contract and sales purchase contract, yet still does not need to come to United States. All the amounts funded will be held into a an escrow account managed by a third independent party registered with the SEC whose sole responsibility is to hold the funds in their own account until the contract is finalized.
  3. Once the property is purchased the buyer can hire an independent real estate agent to manage rent or put the property back into our rental and key management program to receive incomes. Once again, there is no need to come to United States we can fund buyers account with profits wherever the account is.

Please read our Property Investment Support Document for more information.


Foreign investors like you looking to run a business, buy properties, or invest as private equity partners have a full range of projects and funds to choose from.

We understand that investing from afar without visiting is not the preferred option. We are here to answer any of your questions you may have regarding remote investments.

We look forward to helping you with your investment and immigration goals, managing and limiting your risks while increasing your returns.

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