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BAI Capital News Digest November 2021

BAI Capital News Digest November 2021


Today we break down November’s top investment, property, and EB-5 immigration stories according to boutique Florida investment firm BAI Capital. 

We encourage you to click these article links and learn more about how your capital can grow from select property investments in sunny Florida. The BAI Capital News Digest for November 2021 is the first in series, to be continued.

November’s Top BAI Capital News Investment Stories

EB-5 Visa Program

EB-5 Program re-authorization report

The two articles linked below offer invaluable information on the expected outcomes in the re-authorization of the USCIS EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program. The expected time frame is early December 2021. Click below to learn more



500,000 USD window?

The big question for EB-5 investors sitting on the fence regarding investing in the Visa Program is whether or not the current 500,000 USD investment will continue once re-authorization occurs. This link sheds light on this time-sensitive situation.



Florida Property Prices

2021 property prices have skyrocketed. This article uncovers the mystery and describes the dynamics behind the supply and demand conundrum facing U.S. buyers and sellers this year.


Gainesville Florida, a hidden jewel of the Sunshine State

Up and coming property investment locations include Gainesville Florida, best known for its massive student population and extensive medical and research facilities. Click this article to discover this hidden gem of the Sunshine State.


West Palm Beach, investing with the rich and the famous

West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County, in general, have become a new Florida investment hot spot. The BAI Capital article linked here summarizes the investment strengths of this area.



Due Diligence in Equity Offers

Investments require due diligence. This article lays clear the criteria that you should be checking off when you choose to diversify your capital in Equity Funds.


Types of Equity Funds

Many investors hear about equity funds and don’t realize the range of options within this investment type. Click this link to this handy article that clearly outlines the various types, including the Real Estate Equity Fund, which BAI Capital offers their select clients.


BAI Capital in South America

This article from BAI Capital captures the attention of foreign investors in Chile, Peru, and accompanying countries, offering one-on-one consultations without the need to travel far.


BAI Capital News Digest November


Today’s Takeaways from BAI Capital News Digest November 2021

From BAI Capital, we encourage all of our client investors and partners to gather the knowledge needed to become comfortable navigating alternative international property investments.

Keeping current in the news loop becomes easier when the information comes straight to you.

Discuss your next options with our team with confidence and discretion.

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