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At BAI Capital we are proud to have a legacy of helping international investors take part in the opportunities available in the USA, with returns in US dollars. Forming lasting partnerships with our clients is our goal, we appreciate the friendships and alliances we forge as we help provide portfolio diversification, and even Green Card procurement through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

Today we report from Peru, where BAI Capital has been holding meetings the last month.



A special field report from Iván Rodríguez, Senior Investment Advisor at BAI Capital, mid June 2021.


An update on the trip:
We’ve just completed our third week in Lima, the trip was originally schedule for 15 days, but due to the large interest towards our proposal we’ve extended our stay for 4 weeks. The whole day from 8:30 am till 6:00 pm we’re running non-stop meetings. The large reception from our project have surpassed our expectations.

Yes, it has been a very productive business trip!
We’ve rented an office space in the San Isidro Business District (San Isidro is one of the main residential and business districts from Lima), and because of the great reception we’ve had here, we’ll keep visiting Lima, Perú…it’s a excellent market for our proposal.

Next, we’re planning a trip to Chile, to Santiago de Chile…


Feedback from prospects:
We are meeting dozens of high profile prospects (entrepreneurs and top managers) interested both to participate in the EB-5 program to apply to the permanent residence permit in USA, or to just to invest to safeguard their capital in real estate assets in USD and obtain ROI. Along with several prospects already in the process to invest and become part of Archer Place, in Gainesville Florida.


Value statement from Ivan, regarding the EB-5 Immigration Investor Program with BAI:
BAI Capital offers one of the few real estate investment opportunities that not only allow investors to apply for the permanent residence permit in the USA (green card), but also provide and excellent return on the investment (ROI). This characteristic has allowed our Archer Place Project, where we are also the developer, to have great reception in Lima and Peru.



Iván Rodríguez
Senior Investment Advisor at BAI Capital



Over the last 13 years, BAI Capital has been active campaigning in Latin America and Mexico, joining forces with wealthy investors looking to find security and growth via risk-managed opportunities in the American market. We welcome you to take part in our joint real estate development projects and to join our international extended family.

As vaccination and containment will help keep the Coronavirus at bay, we can resume our visits to key locations throughout the Americas to provide private one-on-one consultations.
Our next stop will be in Santiago de Chile – stay tuned for exact dates…


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