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BAI Capital in Peru & Chile | October – December 2021


Greetings from Peru!

A BAI Capital team composed of senior investor advisors Farid Diez and Ivan Rodriguez, and supported by Claudia Bedregal, is having their final week in Lima, Peru.

For the whole month of October, the team has been holding meetings with clients and also with some of the main real estate developers from Peru, showing them the Archer Place investment opportunities as preferred equity partners in the development. 

In the last year, Peru has become a very important market for Florida USA-based BAI Capital. There is a lot of interest from private investors both for the USCIS EB-5 immigration program for foreign investors as well as for real estate investment opportunities within the state of Florida.


Some words from Senior Investor Advisor Ivan Rodriguez:

It has been several intense, busy, and satisfactory weeks in Lima, with long working days and good meetings. There has also been time to enjoy this spectacular city, and the fantastic and diverse Peruvian food.

We are leaving Lima in a few days to continue our meetings with our Chilean clients, but a few weeks afterward, we’ll be back to keep working and supporting our Peruvian clients.

Iván Rodríguez

Senior Investment Advisor at BAI Capital
Become American Investor LLC
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e-mail: [email protected]

BAI Capital Senior Investor Advisors


BAI Capital will be attending client meetings in LAS CONDES, Santiago de Chile, Chile, from October 31st thru to December 6th, 2021.

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