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The EB5 Visa Process: From Application to Green Card

In this article we explain the EB5 Visa Process: From Application to Green Card.


The EB5 Program is an investment process where applied foreign capital ($900 000usd) generates US jobs, thus creating the option to apply for a permanent Green Card.


BAI Capital, a boutique company specializing in raising, applying and managing private capital for investment in new companies and projects, manages all steps of the EB5 program for the immigrant investor. We can help you with your EB5 Visa process.


The 5 steps to the EB5 Visa Program are:

  1. Application
  2. i-526 Petition and Approval
  3. 24 month Conditional Green Card
  4. i-829 Approval Process
  5. Green Card and Citizenship


1. EB5 Application

$900 000usd is invested in escrow in an EB5 qualified project.
BAI Capital helps select the right project for you.
– 1-3 months


2. i-526 Petition and Approval

i-526 review lasts on average 6-9 months. After approval, the invested capital is released from escrow to be pooled with the other capital in the approved EB5 project.
– 6-9 months, depending on country of origin


3. 24 month Conditional Green Card

At this point the Conditional Green Card, valid for 24 months is issued.
– 24 months


4. i-829 Approval Process

Near the end of the Conditional Green Card term, an i-829 form is submitted to remove conditional status and replace it with a Green Card. Also submitted is proof of job creation in the EB5 project.
– 6-9 months


5. Green Card and Citizenship

Once the i-829 is approved, your Green Card is no longer conditional!
After 5 years from first receiving the Green Card, you may apply for Citizenship. Or, every 10 years, renew Green Card to maintain status. Please contact BAI for more details.


BAI Capital has over 10 years experience facilitating the entire EB5 visa process for foreign investors and applicants.

During this period, 100% of all Green Card applications have been approved.

To start the process, contact BAI today.


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