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The accelerated economic growth of Florida, USA in recent years

The state of Florida, located in the southeast of the United States, has experienced strong economic development in recent years. Florida’s economy is one of the largest and most diversified in the country, and has excelled in several key sectors. We tell you more details below.

One of the primary drivers of economic development in Florida has been steady population growth. The state has been attractive to national and international residents due to its warm climate, its quality of life, and its low tax burden.

This has led to an increase in the demand for housing, which in turn has boosted the construction and real estate sector.

Tourism also plays a crucial role in Florida’s economy. The state is known for its popular tourist destinations, such as Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and the white-sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

The tourism sector has experienced steady growth, attracting millions of visitors each year. In addition to theme parks and tourist attractions, Florida is also a popular destination for conventions and sporting events.

Another important aspect of Florida’s economic development is its focus on technology and innovation. Cities like Miami have become a major tech and startup hub, known as “Silicon Beach.”

The presence of renowned universities, such as the University of Florida and the University of Miami, has helped foster research and development, as well as attract talent and technology companies.

The healthcare sector has also experienced significant growth in Florida. The state has a large number of hospitals and medical centers, as well as a sprawling pharmaceutical and biotech industry. In addition, the aging of the population has generated an increased demand for medical services and long-term care.

Importance of trade in the development of Florida

In terms of international trade, Florida’s ports, such as the Port of Miami and Port Everglades, are important entry and exit points for goods. The state has a strategic location for trade with Latin America and the Caribbean, which has facilitated the growth of trade and logistics.

However, despite the positive economic development, it is important to mention that Florida has faced challenges as well. The state is vulnerable to extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, which can have a significant impact on the economy, especially the insurance sector and the construction industry.

In summary, Florida has experienced strong economic development in recent years, fueled by population growth, tourism, technology, healthcare, and international trade. The diversification of the economy has contributed to the resilience of the state, although it also faces challenges related to climate risks.

Archer Place: Investment Opportunity in Florida

Developed by BAI Capital, Archer Place is a one-of-a-kind real estate project. It has been designed to meet the needs of students, young professionals and those who are looking for attractive investment opportunities, since it meets all the requirements for the EB-5 Program that allows you to apply to obtain a Green Card in the US.

In addition, it has an unbeatable location in front of the University of Florida (Top 5 state universities in the country), an exclusive commercial area for restaurants and retail stores and luxury equipment that has the most modern technologies:

  • 16 one-bedroom units
  • 54 two-bedroom units
  • 3 three-bedroom units
  • 19 Penthouse units, 7 with private pools

With this project, BAI Capital seeks to continue raising capital, invest and generate investment value for its investors. The firm also has a real estate presence in places like Texas and New York, but with Archer Place in Florida they seek a new milestone for their brand, in addition to providing their clients with greater diversification of their portfolios, fixed returns in dollars, and protection for their capital. against inflation.

Jason Fort, Executive Vice President of Asset Living, a company with more than 36 years of experience in the student housing market in the United States, commented that Archer Place is a unique project due to its excellent location, very close to the University of Florida, restaurants and malls.

“It is definitely what the students are looking for, it is a project that will work very well. I wish it was already built, I wish it was already there. We could move students tomorrow because it’s certainly something they’re going to like.”

This establishes a generation of relevant value for future investors and represents an attractive alternative in one of the states most in demand by international investors. And also within the country.

Investing in BAI Capital is investing in the United States

With a presence in the real estate sector in the states of Florida, Texas and New York, BAI Capital specializes in generating value from the acquisition of land to the development of mixed-use projects, such as residences for the elderly, student residences, multifamily buildings. for rentals and mixed use, including condos and retail.

Our mission is to safeguard the capital of the partners and the own capital under the minimum risk exposure. With a safe development and going through all the stages: Land purchase, adjustment of urban zoning, commercial vision in architectural development and management of building permits. Then, we take charge of the capitalization, construction and exit with return of the capital and profits to the partners.

In this way, we guarantee fixed and stable returns for your client portfolio. In addition to having a confidential work protocol with encrypted web forms. Use of protected personal data and private meetings with our agents throughout Latin America.

You already know how to invest in real estate in the United States as a foreigner. If you are looking to protect your capital from inflation through investments with returns in dollars, or invest in projects that qualify for the EB-5 investor visa to get a Green Card, complete our form and an agent will contact you.

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