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Increase Your Capital and Your Quality of Life, with BAI Capital, in 2020.


2020 has presented the investor, immigrant and broker with numerous challenges.


Today we talk about the investment climate during the economic slowdown and Coronavirus. We also outline what is possible in 2020, and how BAI Capital can help you with your goals.


Green Card


2020 investment and visa climate:

COVID-19 has been a most unwelcome guest in 2020. The global ramifications have been immensely debilitating, with negative repercussions in the health, social and economic sectors. The effects can be summed up as LOSS. Loss of life, loss of health, loss of income, and loss of capital. Our sincere condolences go out to those whose lives have been negatively impacted. We hope for the quickest recovery possible and for a return to normalcy. We, however, believe that the world will never again be like it was, but rather it will be made anew – perhaps even better. It is the indestructibility of the human spirit that will lead us forward and onwards. As Warren Buffett said at the recent Berkshire Hathoway AGM: “American magic has always prevailed, and it will do so again.”

We can’t discount the pain and suffering that the world is going through currently. We can’t deny that everything is upside down at the moment.

However, what we can’t do, is to restrict ourselves from seeing a way past all of this. We can’t prevent ourselves from envisioning a better world. We can challenge ourselves to imagine new possibilities, avenues that weren’t an option before. We can take stock of our lives, and how deeply they have been impacted by the effects and restrictions of the pandemic. If we don’t, we are wasting an opportunity to adapt.


BAI Capital focuses on Real Estate Equity and EB5 Visa Investments. For 10 years we have been active in regions of the US such as Florida and New York, carefully managing our clients portfolios and Visa goals.


Investing and Immigration will continue in 2020 regardless of the current crisis. This is because people will never stop looking for ways to increase their capital and their quality of life. This is part of our nature. 2020 and the challenges it brings just requires us to adapt while persevering. We at BAI Capital feel that even in 2020, we are positioned in markets that can immensely help the investor, immigrant and broker.


erros eb-5


BAI Capital strategy for moving forward:

Our approach for 2020 is to adapt to the current situation, while simultaneously holding true to our fundamental vision and philosophies:

  • Prudent, well researched mid-range real estate investment opportunities suited for both the American and Foreign Investor.
  • Management of EB5 Visa Investments / Green Card Application from beginning to end.


BAI Capital assumes a conservative approach to ensure success in all of our projects.

Our goals remain: consistent capital returns and ongoing 100% approval in petitioning for US Green Card for our interested investors. 


Travel restrictions during the quarantine created immense demand for another method of communication: online video calling/ conferencing. It appears that since March 2020, Zoom, Facetime, Hangouts Skype and Whats Video are our new best friends. Although it is not the same as in person, it allows us to continue sharing detailed information and through video we can convey our emotions adequately.


The video call is one way of how we have adapted in 2020 to ensure our clients are receiving the best in attention and consideration.


Furthermore, just as we facilitate the goals of Foreign Investors and Green Card Applicants, now in 2020 we have opened our business to brokers. We can help the broker, with your capital enrichment, by referring potential Real Estate and EB5 Investors to our projects.

Schedule a call to make the next move. 


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