Invest in real estate
in the USA with us.

Get up to a 15% fixed annual return in USD*

*: On select products, with a minimum of 7% and a target of 15% fixed annual return in USD.

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Investment Funds

Development of high-end real estate projects, with joint funds invested by our clients and Become American Investor LLC with fixed annual returns in USD.

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Investments to obtain
American Residence

Investments compatible with the EB-5 Investor Immigration Program in self-development projects with fixed annual returns in USD.

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Purchase, Sale and Rental of exclusive Become American Investor LLC development properties annually, monthly or vacation.

Protect your capital from inflation with
guaranteed returns on real estate.

Bai Capital projects in Miami, Florida, USA

Own real estate investments in the USA, where the minimum annual fixed rate of return is
7% with a growth goal of up to 15% on selected projects.


This is thanks to the creation of Real Estate Developments value with contracts created according to Security Exchange Commission (SEC) standards equivalent to the Chamber of Registered Securities in other countries, where you will obtain annual dividends, safeguarded from legal responsibilities and housing control procedures.

Our investors will have preferred shareholder benefits without concerns of future mishaps with insured returns in dollars. Being part of our safe return investor community is a reality with BAI Capital. Discover the differences and benefits of investing versus buying a condo from the same project.

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Invest in real estate in the USA with us.

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