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Stable Private Equity Funds to Securely Grow Your Capital

We invite you to join us as a preferred or common equity partner in our exclusive US based investment opportunities.

‍At BAI Capital we are well known for thorough and exacting project analysis and carefully selected investments.

Our private equity projects only get the green light if they display the following characteristics:

  • Ideal location
  • Reasonable land costs
  • Low loan rates
  • Partnership with the most experienced builders and general contractors.

Our projects are financed by combining a construction loan with raised equity capital at a very conservative 55/45% ratio. Split 3 ways, common shares are initially offered followed by 2 rounds of preferred shares. Minimum investment is 50,000 USD.

How your returns are dispersed:

  1. The preferred equity investor can expect to receive a yearly coupon of 8% and 7%, and in the 5th to 7th year the project should receive 100% of the amount invested. As well as receiving 30% and 24% of yearly net operating profit, respectively.
  2. Common share investors will receive 36% of net operating profit yearly and the remaining return of their funds when the project is completed.
  3. Additionally, all shareholders, as an ongoing project partner, can expect up to 10% per year in capital gains distribution in perpetuity.

To learn more about Private Equity Investments please click on this link:

What to expect when partnering with BAI:
Choosing BAI means you expect considerate attention, conservative financing, unwavering professionalism and consistent ROI’s.

The team at BAI Capital can take the time to show you our current projects as well as our anticipated future options. After a careful analysis, you can decide how much to invest in your chosen project, whether in common or preferred shares. Your capital will be protected in a legal structure that transforms it into an assets partner, in this case, of the developing venture.

BAI is here to work with you with your mid and long term investment goals. We invite you to call us today.

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