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Archer Place | University of Florida Student Housing Condominium EQUITY Investment

Investors can Participate in Preferred and Common Share Equity Construction Investments in this Florida Equity Fund Investment

Located minutes from University of Florida and Santa Fe College – be part of the first round of capital raising and get the best returns!

The Archer Place project is the result of careful market analysis in the real estate sector, aimed at the student segment. Education, an essential service and tradition, alongside with the accompanying student housing, are two sectors that should show a strong recovery post COVID-19. This promises to be a great investment option due its location, concept and design.

Archer Place is located just minutes from the University of Florida campus in Gainesville Florida.
Founded in 1866, the University of Florida is listed #7 in the ranking of state universities nationwide, with more than 75,000 enrolled students. 5th in national enrolment ranking, it is without a doubt the number one university in Florida.

Gainesville is located in Alachua County Florida with a population of 132,249 inhabitants, of which 70,000 are university students according to the last census in 2017. Located just 1.5 hours from Orlando, 100 minutes from Tampa and 80 minutes from Jacksonville.
Archer Place is set to become an attractive investment destination within the real estate market thanks to the influence of the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, as well as a city that lives for students. In recent years, Gainesville has generated substantial residential and commercial real estate developments.

Upcoming Archer Place will feature 195 rental units.
The construction is scheduled for 1QT 2022 with completion for summer 2023. Total of 688 rentable spaces in a spread of 195 departments over 26,000 m2 of rentable area with exceptional location and essential amenities.

For a limited time, pre-qualified investors are offered investments as a shareholder of common or preferred shares directly in the development company.

Common share investors will have target returns of 20% plus per year.
1,000,000 USD minimum investment.
Preferred share investors with target returns of 15% per year and no less then 7% per year.
50,000 USD minimum investment

Developer: Become American Investor, LLC (BAI CAPITAL).
BAI Capital was established through Become American Investor LLC in 2013 to assist private companies in the area of US based project capitalization. Over the last 8 years, BAI Capital has become a boutique firm specializing in raising, investing and managing private capital for investment in new companies and projects. Specializing in the real estate sector, BAI is regionally active in the States of Florida, Texas, and New York.

Counselor Attorney: Greenberg Traurig con Abogado de Securities Bruce Rosetto – Oficina en Boca Ratón.

Total Project Capital: $USD 53 mm

2020 still has solid places for investment. Education, an essential service and tradition, alongside with the accompanying student housing, are two sectors that should show a strong recovery post COVID-19.
This means that Archer Place in North Florida positions itself as a favorable option for Equity Investors.

Mid Term Florida Equity Fund Investment

In early 2020 BAI Capital began offering the first round of common and preferred shares in this promising student housing project, for the construction and administration of 195 condo units.

The stable student housing market posits Archer Place:
• as a conservative project to invest in;
• as guaranteed to be completed.

Contact BAI Capital to invest early in this attractive opportunity.

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