Realty Investments for the Balanced Investor

BAI Capital’s team of realty specialists dedicate themselves to help you own the best property possible. Ideal locations coupled with low mortgage rates help secure your return on investment.

Property Investment with BAI Capital


Invest in Real Estate in the USA.
Miami, Palm Beach, & Gainesville Florida.

Prime Florida Condo Properties. Daily, Monthly or Yearly Rental in US Dollars.
Build Equity with Units in Pre-Construction – available at Preferred Rates.


Why Investors choose Florida Property

1. Low taxes
2. High appreciation
3. Landlord friendly-laws
4. Diverse economy
5. Beautiful weather


Build equity, earn rental income

Purchase limited pre-construction units at discounted friends and family rates.
Save money and start building equity in US dollars today.


Pre-sales of upcoming condos at Archer Place in Gainesville offers the best choice and price.
Easy installment plan and mortgage with Developer BAI Capital.
Expected delivery in 2023.


5 exclusive luxury waterfront condo units available at Alba in West Palm Beach.
Unbeatable location and pricing, just steps from the ocean.
Expected delivery in 2023, pay in easy installments during construction.


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What types of Florida property investments does BAI Capital provide?

BAI Capital offers:

  • Condo units, detached homes and commercial properties to buy to rent and lease
  • Investments in developments for competitive annual returns + annualized payouts

What are the main types of investment returns on Florida properties?

Broadly speaking the 3 main ways to see returns on Florida properties are:

  1. Rent from properties, either yearly, monthly, weekly or nightly
  2. Property appreciation
  3. Shared profit sharing from pooled investments in new developments

Why is property a good investment protection (hedge) against inflation?

The positive effect of inflation on property debt. As a home price rises over time, it lowers the loan-to-value of any mortgage debt, acting as a natural discount. As a result, the equity on the property increases, but the fixed-rate mortgage payments remain the same.

Benefits of earning rental income. If rent can be adjusted up while keeping the mortgage the same, this can create the opportunity for increased money in the bank.

Property values over time outpace inflation. Real estate can be a good hedge against inflation because property values over time tend to stay on a steady upward curve.

Benefits of investing in properties with a low rate-fixed mortgage. As inflation rises, mortgage amounts stay the same, yet they are being paid back in lower values when adjusted.

Why is Florida a good location to buy an investment property?

Florida is an ideal location to invest in property because of the:

  • Constrained supply
  • High demand
  • Low taxes
  • Favorable landlord laws
  • Ease of purchase
  • Coveted migration, relocation, and vacation location.

How can I purchase a property in the USA or in Florida from out of country or out of state?

In brief, this is how you invest in BAI Capital Florida properties right from your home:

  1. After reviewing our projects, you choose your preferred option.
  2. Money is sent and held in a third-party government-regulated escrow account until the shares or property are purchased.
  3. Once the process is finished you can enjoy the returns on your investment, and, if you invested for a visa option you may also relocate to America.

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