Realty Investments for the Balanced Investor

BAI Capital’s team of realty specialists dedicate themselves to help you own the best property possible. Ideal locations coupled with low mortgage rates help secure your return on investment.

Property Investment with BAI Capital


Invest in Real Estate in the USA.
Miami, Palm Beach, & Gainesville Florida.

Prime Florida Condo Properties. Daily, Monthly or Yearly Rental in US Dollars.
Build Equity with Units in Pre-Construction – available at Preferred Rates.


Why Investors choose Florida Property

1. Low taxes
2. High appreciation
3. Landlord friendly-laws
4. Diverse economy
5. Beautiful weather


Build equity, earn rental income

Purchase limited pre-construction units at discounted friends and family rates.
Save money and start building equity in US dollars today.


Pre-sales of upcoming condos at Archer Place in Gainesville offers the best choice and price.
Easy installment plan and mortgage with Developer BAI Capital.
Expected delivery in 2023.


5 exclusive luxury waterfront condo units available at Alba in West Palm Beach.
Unbeatable location and pricing, just steps from the ocean.
Expected delivery in 2023, pay in easy installments during construction.


Contact us today for your best options in Florida property ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read below to learn about your basic real estate investment terms.

Building Classifications

Property values are determined by asset classifications: A, B, C or D. The market value determines the property class, A being the most in-demand. There are advantages to investing in all 4 types of property classes. Contact us to find out more.

Capitalization Rate

The net operating income (NOI) divided by an income property’s current market value.Cap Rate = Net Operating Income / Asset Market Value.

Cashon Cash Return

The ratio between an asset’s annual cash flow in relation to the commercial property’s down payment.Cash on Cash Return = Annual Pre-Tax Cash Flow / Total Cash Invested.

Debt Coverage Ratio

The ratio of an investment property’s NOI with its impending debt service. Used to determine solvency.DCR = Net Operating Income / Total Debt Service.

Loan to Value Ratio

Percentage an asset’s sale price or value is attributed to financing. Loan to Value Ratio = Mortgage Amount / Appraised Asset Value.

Mortgage, fixed and variable

A fixed-rate Mortgage is a mortgage loan where the interest rate remains the same throughout the term of the loan, as opposed to a variable-rate Mortgage where the interest rate may adjust or “float”.

Net Operating Income (NOI)

Annual income from an income property, after accounting for property expenses.NOI = (Rental Income + Other Income – Vacancy Credit Losses) – Operating Expenses.


The initial amount paid for an asset in cash.

Property Equity

The net market value of a property, or, the difference between the property’s fair market value and the outstanding balance of all liens on the property.

Property Interest

A right, or a “bundle” of rights that someone has in, or with respect to a parcel of land.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Simply put, the calculated benefit of an investment (or the return), divided by its cost.
ROI = (Current Asset Value – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment.

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