James SoBe Hotel

Located in the heart of South Beach just two blocks from Lincoln Road, one beach street on Collins Avenue, two blocks from the main entrance of the new Miami Beach Convention Center, James SoBe Hotel is part of the Blue Road family of hotels, owner and operator of more than 14 hotels in the region.

This unique opportunity offers a foreign investor to participate in the purchase of preferred shares of the company that owns and operators the James SoBe Hotel. Owners offer authorized quotas of up to a maximum of USD 9 million for pre-qualified investors who in addition to being interested in participating in the economic returns of this investment want to participate in the EB5 Program to obtain the Green Card.

In the James SoBe Hotel project the investor will be acquiring preferred shares of the company that owns and operators the hotel and will therefore participate in the corresponding distributions of capital resulting from the operation of the hotel.

The property is already purchased and the founding partners have more than 20 years of experience in South Beach with more than 14 hotels owned and operated in the area.


Closed waiting for building permits. The project estimates to be completed and in operation by the 1st quarter of 2022


1745 James LLC Blue Road LLC

General partner of EB5 investors

Become American Investor LLC (BAICapital.com) quien es uno de los operadores de EB5 mas grandes en la Florida

Regional Center

Florida First Regional Center

EB5 Capital Raise


Total Project Capital