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Obtain Permanent Residency through the Government Program for EB-5 immigrant investors.

Immigrant Investor Visa Program

‍The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is a project created by the US government in 1990 and administered by the USCIS, which allows foreigners and their immediate families to obtain permanent residence in the United States through an investment in the country.

If you make an investment of $800,000 USD in the US economy and thereby create 10 or more jobs, you can apply for a Green Card: The first step to obtaining American citizenship.

More than an investment, a legacy

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Diversify your assets by investing with BAI Capital.

We are a real estate project development company based in Aventura – Miami, Florida; vertically integrated with our own private equity fund (P.E) open to individual investors seeking to diversify their capital.

BAI Capital – or Become American Investor LLC – is a boutique and family company specialized in the development of large real estate projects located in Florida, USA. Its founder, Arturo Venti, has more than two decades of accumulated experience in the Real Estate sector, inside and outside the United States.

Our vision is to create value for ourselves and our shareholders through the transformation of land into very well differentiated real estate projects. Our approach is “buy well and understand what the market is looking for so you can get out as soon as possible.”

In addition to investing our own resources, we have developed our investment fund which we use to promote investment opportunities in our projects by inviting external shareholders.

Families from Latin America, Europe and Asia have contributed to the success and consolidation of our portfolio of real estate projects, while managing to diversify their capital, receive fixed annual preferential returns plus distribution of services, and in some cases apply for permanent residence and American citizenship through the EB-5 Immigration Program.

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