Green Card

Old Money Invests in Stable and Growing Real Estate Markets

Old money invests in land, gold and art. These investment choices reflect their ability to invest in the long term, able to withstand the temporary market dips, before the asset value inevitably rises again.

We mention their approach because whether or not you are Old Money, mimicking their strategies will help you expand your capital over time.

Green Card

BAI Capital’s specialty is with mid-range investment opportunities- specifically Real Estate Equity.

The Real Estate investment option offers 2 key advantages over publicly traded stock.

1. Firstly, real estate is a finite item or resource. If you choose to invest in a stable and high demand area, your capital is sure to increase over time, as the supply of property is lower than the demand.

Archer Place

Location is EVERYTHING when it comes to investing in Real Estate.

BAI strategically chooses to partner with proven builders in low-risk neighborhoods, a secure way to increase invested capital over an investment period of 5-7 years.

2. Secondly, as some projects are condominiums, the investor can continue owning shares of the building into the future, renting as needed, selling when desired. The passive income from rental can offset the loan used for the initial investment, or, this income can be used for other investments or expenses, before the property is sold at some future point for a profit.

These 2 key advantages of investing in strategic properties provide more security as compared to the other main investment option -stocks.

Equity Investment

Currently, the world is facing a triple whammy:

  1. COVID-19 Global Pandemic
  2. Global recession and stock market devaluation
  3. Low oil prices

These 3 major market threats, resulting in upheaval, death and significant social, economic and capital losses, are creating a weak and unclear investment outlook.

It is at this time that Old Money would perform a stringent market analysis, to determine which areas of real estate are the best location, as well as which projects offer the best mid and long term reward, understanding that the short term is going to be negative. Using the favorable current loan and mortgage terms to leverage the investment, profits can increase compared to investing in a boom.

Investing in Real Estate | 7 Essential Tips

Real Estate investment requires patience and a well researched strategy. Investing in real estate, is, in our view, the best option for the current market.

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