Learn about the best investment option in Florida for 2023: Archer Place

Feb 3, 2023

Real estate investments are an increasingly attractive market due to its growth, appreciation and economic stability. Especially in the state of Florida, which has seen an economic renaissance after the pandemic and has managed to maintain property value growth despite rising interest rates.

North Florida has positioned itself as an increasingly valued area of ​​the state, with constant improvements in the capital gains of land and attractions that make it easier to choose these cities over the classic Miami and Orlando.

There are cities that project considerable growth for capital diversification and represent an attractive alternative with less risk than other areas. We refer, for example, to Gainesville, one of the most important cities in North Florida that appears as the ideal place for students and young professionals.

Gainesville shows great potential due to its tourist attraction, population growth and pleasant climate, in addition to being the headquarters of the prestigious University of Florida, chosen among the 5 best state universities in the United States. For all this, it was the city chosen for the construction of Archer Place, an EB-5 project that has become the most anticipated by the city in recent years.

Highlights of the Archer Place project in Gainesville

Developed by BAI Capital, Archer Place is a one-of-a-kind project. It has been designed to meet the needs of students, young professionals and those who are looking for attractive investment opportunities, since it meets all the requirements for the EB-5 Program that allows obtaining the Green Card in the USA.

In addition, it has an unbeatable location in front of the University of Florida, an exclusive commercial area for restaurants and retail stores and luxury equipment that has the most modern technologies.

Archer Place is a mixed-use development: retail, residences, and condominiums offering the following available units:

  • 16 one-bedroom units
  • 54 two-bedroom units
  • 3 three-bedroom units
  • 19 Penthouse units, 7 with private pools

Currently its management awaits the last permit granted by the city for the start of works. And the start of the second round of capitalization is expected on November 1, 2022, of which we invite you to join.

According to Sergio Reyes, Civil Engineer and President of EDA Consultants Inc. “Archer Place is one of the few real estate developments in Gainesville where the city has approved a density increase of almost 2.5 times the maximum permitted zoning. Being considered by the city board as an extraordinary planning project”.

This establishes a generation of relevant value for future investors and represents an attractive alternative in one of the states most in demand by international investors. And also within the country.

Investing in BAI Capital is investing in the United States

With a presence in the real estate sector in the states of Florida, Texas and New York, BAI Capital specializes in generating value from land acquisition to the development of mixed-use projects. Such as residences for the elderly, student residences, multifamily buildings for rentals and mixed use that include condos and retail.

Our mission is to safeguard the capital of the partners and the own capital under the minimum risk exposure. With a safe development and going through all the stages. Purchase of land, adjustment of urban zoning, commercial vision in architectural development and management of building permits. Then, we take charge of the capitalization, construction and exit with return of the capital and profits to the partners.

In this way, we guarantee fixed and stable returns for our client portfolio. In addition to having a confidential work protocol with encrypted web forms. Use of protected personal data and private meetings with our agents throughout Latin America.

You already know the great investment opportunity offered by the EB-5 Archer Place project. If you are looking to protect your capital from inflation through investments with returns in dollars, or invest in projects that qualify for the EB-5 investor visa to get a Green Card, complete our form and an agent will contact you.

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