Invest in US Job Creation and Become Eligible for a Green Card

May 7, 2020


Help boost the economy, gain a return on your investment AND apply for a Permanent Green Card.


How? Through the EB5 Visa Investor Program and BAI Capital.


COVID-19 has completely altered the economic landscape as well as the market outlook into late 2020 and beyond. Once the pandemic has been contained and quarantines are lifted, everyone will hope that life goes back to normal. Some areas and sectors will be worse off than others, and some markets such as the airline industry may be changed forever. Creating new jobs will be the order of the day.


Regarding Job Creation, Real Estate, Equity Investments, and Immigration:
Job creation through investment in new real estate construction is how a foreigner can petition for a US Green Card. This is the basis of the EB5 Program.


3 main benefits of the EB5 Visa Program: 
  1. Job creation in the USA
  2. Return on investment
  3. Petition for Green Card for Investor and family

COVID-19 has affected some of us in the cruelest of ways and our hearts and sympathies go out to anyone who has been struck by the virus.
For those that are suffering from job loss, we wish you a quick return to your usual and normal life.


To learn more about VISAs and being part of US job creation through the EB5 Program, contact BAI Capital.

Programa EB-5

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