How can I postpone my biometric appointment and return to my country without jeopardizing my EB-5 process?

Sep 6, 2021

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You can return to your country after submitting the reentry permit application while you are in the United States. The ASC appointment notice contains instructions about how to reschedule the biometrics appointment. It would be best to return to the United States within two or three months to complete the appointment.

You can return to your home country and request to reschedule the biometrics one time. You should definitely make all efforts to come to the biometrics appointment after you schedule it. The USCIS may deny the I-131 application if you try to reschedule the biometrics more than once.

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Very dangerous! If there is a good reason, you can request, but if you miss it they are issuing denials. Best to get your biometrics before you leave. And best to return within 1 year, at the latest, and make sure you file the U.S. tax returns and that you maintain your home here, and have a good reason to be abroad.

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