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Mar 24, 2021



In today’s article we outline the 3 ways our Archer Place development project can help expand your wealth – to achieve your investment goals in 2021 and beyond.


Archer Place is a unique and exclusive opportunity for 
• Property Investors
• Equity Fund / Fixed Income Investors
• Investors seeking to Immigrate to the US


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What makes a real estate investment opportunity stand out???


When looking for a mid to long range property investment that shines, you want to see at least 3 of the following 5 characteristics:

1. WELL-BUILT construction
2. Area with demographic GROWTH across age brackets
3. Diverse economy LOCATION with blend of essential and luxury sectors
4. Option for annual, monthly and daily RENTAL returns
5. Opportunities to invest outright or as partner with in-house MANAGEMENT.


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The Archer Place Development Project


With the BAI Capital Exclusive >>> Archer Place Development in Gainesville Florida, you can easily check off these 5 investment markers.

Quality Construction 
Build slated to conclude in 2022, partnering with esteemed architects DLW (David L. Wallace and Associates), both buildings –   the Condos and Apartments – will offer luxury services and amenities for even the most discerning resident.

Gainesville Florida demographics
In the immediate area – over 100,000 University of Florida and Santa Fe College students and thousands of medical professionals, with yearly net immigration increases in the city and region.

Location and economic sectors
The main urban economic drivers being higher education and specialized health services, followed with regional tourism, leisure and retirement.

Rental Income Options
The rental opportunities consist of yearly leases to professionals and students; and daily or longer stay Airbnb rental options.

Partner in Fund with Returns from Rental, or Option to Buy Condo as Owner
Investment structures as partner in Equity Fund; or self-managed or turn-key rental options, along with property ownership/ value appreciation.





Investment highlights

Investing as a partner and/or owner in prime location Real Estate in Gainesville Florida offers investors like you 3 stable wealth creation strategies.

• Property Ownership RENTAL investment
• Fixed return EQUITY investment
• Immigration / VISA investment


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PROPERTY @ Archer Place

  1. Upscale Condo Ownership in Florida USA
  2. Rental Income Opportunity in US Dollars
  3. Property Value Appreciation in growing market


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EQUITY @ Archer Place

  1. Investment Partner in Private Equity Real Estate Fund
  2. Annual Fixed 7% Returns from Apartment Rentals
  3. Project Completion Bonus


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VISA @ Archer Place

  1. Opportunity to Apply for US Green Card for Family
  2. Investment Partner in Private Equity Real Estate Fund
  3. Annual Fixed Returns from Apartment Rentals with Project Completion Bonus


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The time range for investment at Archer Place is simply – NOW — As in 2021…

  • DEEP DISCOUNT pre-built Condos prices are IN EFFECT FOR 2021 ONLY.
  • And, there is LIMITED SPACE in both the the Fixed Return Equity Fund / EB-5 Green Card Opportunities and they are FILLING FAST.


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PROPERTY |  90 Luxury Condo Units for Sale 

2021 Pricing | Starting @ $327,000 USD

*** All units available with 50% mortgage for international buyers ***
• 20% down with purchase agreement
• 20% @ 6 months
• 10% @12 months
• 50% with delivery of unit





EQUITY |  Investment Partner in 119 Unit Upscale Apartment Rental Fund

• $250,000 USD min investment for 2021 fund opt-in
• FUND CAP AT $8,000,000 USD, with limited availability as of March 2021.
• 7% min yearly coupon fixed returns start at 12 months.
• Capital returned by year 6 with ongoing returns from apartment rentals.





VISA | Green Card Immigrant- Investment as Equity Partner

• The Archer EB-5 Program Fund has space for only 14 Green Card Investors / $14,500,000 USD.
• As of March 2021 only 8 spaces remaining.
• In exchange for creating valuable American jobs, the immigrant – investor can petition to receive Permanent Residency for their spouse and family.
• Immigrant – investors benefit from the same capital returns as regular preferred equity partners.





High net worth investors – American and International alike – can find many reasons to invest in Archer Place.


Fulfilling the criteria for property returns, Archer is a unique and exclusive opportunity for 
• Property Investors
• Equity Fund / Fixed Income Investors
• Immigrant Investors


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