Park Hotel New York Bronx
New York

Park Hotel at New York Bronx

The PARK HOTEL is a proposed top-tier, four star – 71 key hotel in South Bronx, New York City, New York. e Project is being developed by THE TRISE DEVELOPMENT CORP. The prime location of the project will support both the feasibility and success of the proposed project. The total cost for the Project is $29,000,000 which includes all costs. Job Creating Entity, is seeking up to USD 11,000,000 in capital through the “Immigrant Investor Program”, also known as the EB5 Program.
The EB5 Investors will be pooled into a New Commercial Enterprise (NCE) for the purpose of providing EB5 Capital to
the project. The NCE will receive up to USD 6,000,000 as EB5 Preferred Equity and up to USD 5,000,000 as EB5 Loan from as many as 22 foreign investors, who each will be required to invest a minimum of USD 500,000 because the Project is
located in an existing Target Employment Area (“TEA”). The investors will make a qualifying investment permitted under the EB5 Program in the form of the loan to finance the Project. NEW YORK CITY EB5 LLC is the Regional Center sponsoring the project and will review and monitor the Offering to confirm compliance with EB5 rules and policies, reporting to USCIS as

To satisfy EB5 program requirements, this Project will require the creation of at least 220 jobs. According to the economic analysis, the Project will create 248.4 permanent new jobs, comprising of direct, indirect, and induced jobs. Therefore, each investor will be assigned 11.3 jobs to meet the EB5 capital raise of $11,000,000.


El proyecto actualmente está en construcción. La apertura se estima para el cuarto trimestre del 2019.



Socio general de inversores EB5

Become American Investor LLC (BAI CAPITAL)

Centro Regional

New York City EB-5 LLC

Representante Legal

por Greenberg Traurig, Boca Ratón, FL

Total Capital EB5

$USD 11,000,000

Capital Total Proyecto

$USD 29,000,000

Creación de Empleos

Se han creado 248 empleos indirectos.