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Jun 15, 2022

Welcome to BAI Capital

Vertically integrated Florida developer and property investment manager


Over the last 2 decades, we have established ourselves as a boutique firm specializing in developing real estate, property sales and rentals, and investment & management of private capital for equity and immigration investments in real estate projects across states such as Florida, Texas, and New York.


You and your family can petition for your US Green Card via the EB5 Visa Program.

  • When you invest 800,000 USD or more into the US economy you can apply to receive your US Green Card, which paves the way for your US Citizenship.
  • Accredited investors buy preferred shares as an equity partner in our SEC-regulated real estate development funds, which are eligible immigration investments overseen by the federal government agency USCIS.
  • In exchange for investing in the US economy and creating American jobs, the investor gains the chance to petition for the US Green Card.

BAI Capital can help guarantee that your petition will succeed. Our 12-year track record in successfully facilitating this process for families like yours is 100%.

* EB5 Visa / Green Card is eligible for the investor, spouse, and children under 21.

Let’s grow big, by building smart.

Our 10-year strategy as a boutique developer and turn-key property investment & management partner is to develop and manage select US properties totaling over 300,000,000 USD in value.

We will reach our goal by:

Multiplying our invested capital:

We stand by the credo you are only as good as your last project.

Repeating the results, and solidifying our reputation as a leader in Florida development opportunities – is how we multiply our capital and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

Our complete team of sophisticated investment advisers, award-winning development partners, and rigorous immigration attorneys allow us to grow every year.

Developing properties in supply-constrained high-growth locations:

Location is the foundation of every successful property development. We constantly analyze the market, economies, and communities of Florida, to identify the best locations for both mid and long-term growth in untapped and unsaturated developing markets.

Serving the needs of our Florida communities:

As an immigrant in the land of opportunity, we worked tirelessly to create a company that not only creates jobs and provides value to our local community but also helps investors from all over the world, to partake in the American dream themselves. That’s the reason why we created BAI Capital.

Arturo Venti CEO


Surpassing the goals of our investors:

At BAI Capital, we truly value the relationships with every one of our partners and clients. We consistently strive to provide a personalized approach by offering a way for each of our investors to maximize their return on investment through matched real estate development projects and specially crafted investment opportunities.

Tery Fuentes COO

Developers with turn-key immigration management | BAI Capital

On top of developing properties we also manage the EB-5 process for clients – from beginning to end. Our complete management team consists of project capital raise, development, and management, as well as all the legal paperwork required to manage an EB-5 project and the immigrants’ application.

At BAI Capital we are one of the few American developers who also manage EB-5 projects and the applications of our immigrant investors.

The main advantages to our approach are a closer relationship to the build being invested in, supported by more detailed attention and guidance of all components in the multi-stage EB-5 Green Card petition.




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