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BAI Capital was considered Top EB5 Migration Agent in June 2018.

Our leadership in the EB-5 foreign Investor program is recognized by investors in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador.

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EB5 Visa with BAI Capital

Our company is affiliated with the EB5 Regional Center approved by the US Department of Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) for the states of Florida and New York.

  • Investment projects of BAI Capital are located in Miami, Orlando and New York.
  • More than 10 years advising investors to expand and apply capital in real estate projects in the United States.
  • BAI Capital provides business management, legal documentation and all the necessary support from the outset to obtaining the Green Card.
  • Investor can have returns of up to 8.5% per year.

EB5 Investment in Real Estate Development

BAI Capital has a history of more than 10 years advising investors to expand and apply capital in real estate projects in the United States. The investment projects of BAI Capital are located in Miami, Orlando and New York City, American cities with great economic growth and high development index in residential and hotel construction, which allows the investor to have returns up to 8.5% per year.

The key advantage of working with BAI Capital is that our company is affiliated with the Regional Center approved by the US Department of Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) for the states of Florida and New York.  This means that foreign investors can acquire the Green Card, the permanent residency in the United States, by investing in our projects through the EB5 program.

The EB5 immigrant Investor program was created by the U.S. government and aims to increase the influx of financial resources from foreign investors to foster trade and industry within the U.S. In return, the US government offers the foreign investor the possibility of receiving jointly with his spouse and children under the age of 21, the American permanent residency visa, the Green Card, so that the investor and his/her family can to live in a legal way in the United States.

As a requirement for participation in the program, the investor is requested to provide the capital of USD $500.000 in a new commercial venture, directly or indirectly, and that it manages 10 new jobs for Americans or legal residents for a minimum period of 2 years. BAI Capital has the mission of advising the investor at all stages of the process. Our experience positions us as leaders in the sector, so that we will support you in the whole process from the beginning to the achievement of the Green Card, avoiding possible problems with taxes or inconvenience with immigration. BAI Capital has the mission to advise the investor in all stages of the process. It is necessary to approve that all resources contributed have a lawful origin.

BAI Capital was recently elected Top EB5 Migration Agent, a recognition for advising Latin American investors in the process of capital enforcement in the American economy.

It is an American government project created in 1990 that allows foreigners to obtain the permanent residence of the United States through the realization of an investment in the country. The investor acquiring the green card also benefits his spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 who can permanently live and work in the United States.

This program, also called the EB-5 visa program or fifth preference work visa is under the administration of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

The objective of the program is to facilitate and increase foreign investment in the United States economy.

Individual investors seeking to establish permanent residency in the United States for themselves and qualified family members to the program. Throughout the period of existence of the EB-5 immigrant Investor Program, investors from various occupations and different spheres of life were accepted, including entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, retirees, people seeking a way to provide a more stable future for the family, a better quality education for the children.

EB-5 visa allows beneficiaries to exercise any legal activity in the United States. We recommend the EB-5 program to all those who have these listed or related interests and become a permanent resident without actively managing a company. The most convenient way is to always use an EB-5 Regional Center. BAI Capital will be faced with using its funds applied in active projects to the EB-5 program.

When the investor makes the decision to invest through a Regional center, such as BAI Capital, the Minimum Capital Requirement is US $500,000 when selecting a project in a rural area or targeted employment area (ASD). For all other projects, the capital Requirement is US $1 million. BAI Capital selects all of its projects within the state-designated TEAs in order to ensure that our immigrant investors receive the best investment opportunities.

There is no guarantee of obtaining Green Card under any circumstances. It is not possible to guarantee a visa application or to advance the outcome of any application. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service will assess each particular case and take the decision.

We recommend that the investor presents a well prepared petition, analyzed by professionals with competence and experience in the processes of EB-5 visas, in such a way that it is possible to achieve a satisfactory result at the end of the process. BAI Capital, during the more than 10 years administering and applying Capital of Latin American investors in projects of the EB-5 program, has achieved 100% of approvals, and includes the professionals best prepared to assist you in your process.

The EB-5 program offers a variety of projects in several areas. The most important considerations are that the undertaking has a real potential while generating jobs, and that there is economic viability for its realization. In BAI Capital we select projects that comply with these characteristics. It requests exclusive and private attention with a consultant from BAI Capital so that you can know our available projects in detail.

Each case possesses its particularity thus meeting in different ways the expectations of each investor. BAI Capital over the years has established a permanent and lasting relationship with its investors due to the knowledge of different realities and market interests, although the majority of investors share the same goal: obtaining the Green Card and a potential return on investment.

Large-scale projects can offer significant advantages such as the clear ability to generate jobs, one of the requirements of the EB-5 program. However, it also has its disadvantages such as broad execution deadlines, late investment return, rigid exit strategies, among others.

In BAI capital our investment methodology is conservative and focuses on the application of capital in medium-sized projects located in areas of growth that require investments in a lifetime that goes from 5 to 7 years.

The acronym TEA stands for Targeted Employment area and is used to define an area with a unemployment rate of at least 50% higher compared to the U.S. national average or when an area considered “rural” is mentioned.

This category relates to the data presented by the U.S. states that inform when a zone is TEA or not, according to socio-demographic information and economic development policies. BAI Capital seeks projects located in TEA areas, as these can receive minimum investments of only 500,000 dollars. Areas that are not considered TEA require a minimum investment of 1 million dollars.

BAI Capital Consultants have extensive experience and knowledge throughout the process necessary to achieve success in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Service provides more information regarding the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program at the address

According to the rules of the EB-5 program, it is required that the investor be involved with the Regional Center that will operate the investment, however in a limited way. Each case has its particularity and needs to be evaluated.

No. The EB-5 visa program allows you to be a permanent resident and live anywhere in the United States.

Legally, yes. It is necessary to analyse each case the part, the tax and financial documentation of the postulant and to prove the source of investment funds in a way that allows processing a request for EB-5 visa.

USCIS is a division of the Department of Homeland Security, a government agency responsible for the implementation, administration of immigration and naturalization laws, rules and regulations, functions and policies in the provision of services.

No. All that foreign investor who decides to invest with BAI Capital will sign a representation contract with a lawyer of choice of the investor, or recommended by us. BAI Capital has a strong relationship with many highly skilled and experienced members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Counsel will prepare your I-526 petition as a foreign investor and after approval the immigration attorney shall prepare your permanent conditional residency requests. Before the end of your two-year conditional permanent residence, the immigration attorney assigned to your case may prepare the immigrant petition to remove the conditions of your permanent residence and this will be the last step in obtaining your unconditional permanent residence.

Foreign investor must complete the three phases of the application process so that he can become a permanent resident in the USA:

Step 1: To obtain the status of immigrant investor it is necessary for the investor to send an immigrant petition completed by the Foreign Entrepreneur Form (form I-526) to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) together, supporting documentation that clearly demonstrates that the investment meets all the requirements of the EB-5 program.

After the approval of the I-526 petition, we will proceed to step 2.

Step 2: If the foreign investor is residing in the U.S. and has received approval from form I-526, he or she may obtain conditional resident status by filling in and submitting a request to register permanent residency or adjust status ( Form I-485) to the USCIS. In the case of the investor residing outside the U.S., it will be necessary to apply for an immigrant visa at the U.S. consulate overseas.

Step 3: During the period of 90 days before the expiry of the conditional period, the investor must complete and submit a petition to remove the conditions (Form I-829) to the USCIS. In this petition, the foreign investor must demonstrate that the investment was sustained during the conditional period of two years and that the necessary jobs were created.

Upon approval of the I-829 petition, the conditional nature of the green card is suspended and the full permanent residence is granted to the investor and to the investor’s family members under 21 years of age.

Professional experience:

It will be necessary to prepare complete biographical information for each applicant and the main applicant must prove the origin of the investment funds. It is necessary to include a curriculum with copies of university degrees and other educational certificates. Affiliations in professional organizations must be documented. With the exception of cases where the investor has inherited the funds, it will be necessary for the investor to present himself as a successful professional or entrepreneur with a commercial, financial or family history explaining the accumulation of financial assets that is presented in the financial information. Provide as much documentation as possible regarding the investor’s career and achievements.

Source of funds:

Investment funds must come from a legal source. Legal sources of funds include: profits from the sale of a property, stocks or bonds, business profits, commercial transactions, gifts, and inheritance. To prove the origin of the investment funds, the USCIS requires five years of tax returns, five years of bank records, proof of ownership in any companies, financial statements for each company and commercial licenses. The idea is to present a history of an honest course of negotiation. If your capital came from a specific transaction, such as the sale of a house, inheritance or gift, you must prove that the transaction occurred by providing an official document, such as a closing statement, contract, or other official documents. Other documents may be required and vary from case to case. All documents included in the application must be translated into English using the affidavit format.

An investor who is approved for the EB-5 visa will receive a conditional Green Card (conditional permanent residence) that will be subject to removal of conditions.

A conditional Green Card is a temporary residence valid for two years. One year and nine months after this issue, a three-month window opens, when the investor must submit a new application to the USCIS to verify that all funds were definitively invested and whether the employment quota was reached. If these conditions are fulfilled, the investor will receive the permanent Green Card, the unconditional permanent residence.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the investor and his family undergo medical, police, security and immigration background checks before the conditional permanent resident visas are issued. In the interview, the consulate clerk can address these issues and other information with a summary of the nature of his immigrant investment.

If you are residing outside the U.S., you should wait for the U.S. consulate to be notified in your home country to prepare documents for your visa interview. If you are in the United States, then you can request the adjustment of the status using the I-485 form and the evidentiary documents. The application may be submitted at the USCIS office.

A past rejection does not disqualify the investor from re-applying for an EB-5 visa, unless the reasons for the rejection are related to immigration fraud or other reasons of inadmissibility or removibility.

It is very important that all criminal, medical, or U.S. immigration history issues are shared with the company that will deal with your process prior to registration with the EB-5 visa program.

Family members participating in the EB-5 program can be interviewed in different countries during the EB-5 visa program process. For example, it often happens that a family member is located in another country, as a student who attends a school in the USA, in which case the student does not need to return to the country of origin. It is possible to participate in the process even when in the United States, directly in the office of the USCIS.

Spouses, husband, wife and unmarried children under the age of 21. It is possible that the adopted children are included in the family.

Yes, it is necessary that those applying to the EB-5 visa program perform a medical examination and submit to the process for a conditional EB-5 visa to be granted approval.

It is not necessary to have a previous business experience or to demonstrate a minimum level of education. The only requirement is that you actually have the investment capital required by the Regional center that proves the origin and path of the funds are legal.