COVID-19 Phase 2 | Opening up comes with consequences; Investment outlooks

Jul 15, 2020

Opening up society after quarantine without following distancing and sanitation protocols results in explosion of new COVID-19 cases.

In early July, Florida opened up their beaches for Memorial Day as well as popular tourist attractions such as Disney World. An explosion in subsequent COVID cases can be blamed on the insufficient sanitation and social distancing at these locations and events.

The only real positive coming from this story is that states such as New York do seem to have their protocols in place, showing no real increase in cases since re-opening.

However, in the situation in Florida, opening up indiscriminately for tourism has been a costly and deadly experiment. This type of outcome was unfortunately forecasted as a very real possibility in our blog post from 6 weeks ago.

COVID-19 Phase 2: Preparing for New Normal

We at BAI Capital hope that officials and politicians can work together with health care practitioners and business owners to create a prudent strategy that will satisfy the needs for both individual and economic health. It is critically important that we get the balance right.

The economic forecast is irrevocably dependent on the coronavirus situation in the US, state by state, and worldwide.

If you would like to discuss your best investment options for 2020 and beyond please feel free to contact us at BAI Capital. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to make their best efforts at staying healthy, safe and sane. These trying times are a test of our character and resilience and it’s up to each of us to stay strong.

From all of us at BAI Capital, Be Well.

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