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Converting from an E-2 to EB-5 Visa & Partial Funding of EB-5 Project Investments

Mar 4, 2022

Learn how an investor initially on an E-2 visa can preserve the ability to later convert to EB-5, and also how an investor can partially fund an EB-5 investment if all $900K of cash is unavailable at the time of the I-526 petition filing with USCIS. Watch the video webinar for answers to four key questions: 1. What is the process to apply for an E-2 visa? 2. How does E-2 compare to EB-5? 3. The EB-5 waiting period is too long; can I start with an E-2 visa and convert to EB-5? 4. I do not have all $900,000 today; can I invest part of the $900,000 requirement to start my EB-5 process and file my I-526 Petition?

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