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Mar 23, 2020


Invest as a partner in the growth of Boketto, an Asian-inspired restaurant chain. 

Founded by JAE Group, experts in the comfort food sector across the United States, with experience in operation of more than 250 restaurants.


Boketto is a new gastronomic concept inspired by Asian street fare, the concept’s name is from the Japanese word meaning “to gaze into the distance, lost in thought,” and derived from “bokettosuru,” which means “to be daydreaming”.

Food designed for the soul – not just the body…

Located in New York City, Delaware, South Florida: with expansion into Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando, and more future locations. Boketto Manhattan, was first to open in February 2020. Others in New York City and South Florida are to open later in 2020.

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Why Join Boketto?

  1. Decades of experience operating 100’s of restaurants and building large chains.
  2. Understanding the process and systems required to build a large organization with impressive net margins.
  3. Business model that incentivises the entire team, starting at the operating level, to achieve excellence and efficiency.

Three Strategies for Success:

  1. 100% Ownership of all corporate stores
  2. Joint venture opportunities in major markets
  3. Franchise potential

How to invest?
>$15 million to open 20 stores in 3 years – Raised in tranches of $5 million per year in each of three years.
>Up to 25% ownership in our Company if full offering is raised, including– goal being 50 stores.
> Convertible Preferred Structure – 8% Coupon for 3 years convertible into Common Equity of the Company based on a price equal to 80% of the fair market value of each Unit on the third anniversary.
> Company has a right to redeem and repay the Principal and Coupon in cash at any time or mandatorily convert all or any portion of the Principal and the Coupon into Common Equity at Maturity.
>Preferred has preferential rights to repayment on sale or merger.

What is the investment potential?
USD 15mm x 25% equity stake with the parent company.
ROI of 36% to 46%

Who is Boketto?
With an executive team with over 130 years of restaurant experience, the JAE Restaurant Group has operated and created over 340 restaurants, from fast food and fast casual to casual dining, for the past 30 years, throughout the Americas.


Boketto is for consumers seeking an elevated alternative to casual dining. The concept offers Asian-inspired, bowl-based cuisine, creative shareables and signature beverages served in a bold, energizing space.

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