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Your Family’s Future: Financial Security & Freedom to Grow

Follow your path to a life that you can fully own.


Political instability is kryptonite for investors.


With too many uncertainties to make accurate projections, high wealth individuals often end up playing the waiting game. But with instability, inflation often follows….

So then the question becomes – where can we safely move our capital and gain returns without risk?


Today we will discuss the US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

As a two fold solution, the EB-5 Visa Program allows wealthy foreigners the opportunity to invest in US dollars, yet also apply for the US Green Card for themselves and their family.

With one bold and committed decision, one gains access to both financial security and the freedom to live a more full life.

According to these are the 8 most common reasons people choose to immigrate to the US.

  1. Higher standard of living
  2. Education
  3. Job opportunities
  4. Reunification
  5. Marriage
  6. Persecution and violence
  7. Politics
  8. And lastly, because it is America

Here today we will focus on 4 lifestyle criteria that affect us all:

  • Our Future
  • Our Families
  • Our Security
  • Our Freedoms

Why the EB-5 Program Is More Than Just an Immigration Program


Your Future

It’s basic human nature to be preoccupied with our future, Some of us continuously work continously to achieve a legacy.

Furthermore, the quality and composition of our surroundings and social circle greatly affect the types of outcomes we can expect in life. In many countries, religious persecution is still a tragic reality. War and political instability also diminish the ability to live peacefully, with confidence for the years to come.

Many foreigners choose to immigrate to USA because they believe that in America, they will find the future that allows them to achieve their goals.

We have shared the stories of many famous and millionaire immigrants over the last year to showcase the allure and potential of becoming American- and to give you an idea of what you may expect in your future, should you decide to go down this promising road.


Your Family

The core reason for our existence is our family. Without them, we are next to nothing.

What can you do to assure the best for your family in the years to come?

Access to good education is a predicament parents face all over the world. Every parent wants the best for their children to give them the head-start that will help make the right first steps in their new professional career.

Often, children of foreigners attend American universities with temporary F1 visas, limited by the restrictions imposed as a non-permanent resident.

A better and more lasting solution is obtaining the permanent Green Card for the family including children under 21 via an EB-5 immigration investment. In this manner your children can attend an American university of choice with all the rights of any naturalized American citizen, AND you are free to live alongside them as Americans.


Your Security

Navigating the uncertainties of life to achieve security can be both burdensome and tiring.

But does it have to be?

Inflation can wipe out one’s wealth overnight; investing in US dollars can one protect one’s assets against such losses, and is a popular strategy for citizens the world over.

Whether it be stocks, property, or equity, the stability of the US market can be a buffer against what is occurring in your home country.

One key advantage of the EB-5 Program is that it is both an American investment and a path to US residency. You kill two birds with one stone.


Your Freedom

Making wise choices now can help assure the freedom you desire in the years to come.

Sometimes, no matter how well you choose, you are simply not in the right environment to be able to live freely. Due to unexpected changes and circumstances, life is either not safe or no longer prosperous where you reside.

The American Dream is based on the premise of freedom – this is why many families choose to relocate here.

Freedom to live how you want without restrictions is the promise that America offers. This can be your reality – should you choose it.

You may be a high worth individual living in a country with an uncertain or unfavorable economical and social future.

Have you created a contingency plan that accounts for the future well being of you and your family?

The US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program with BAI Capital may be your best option to help guarantee your future security.

Book a no-obligation meeting today with one of our EB-5 Program specialists.

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