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West Palm Beach Property Buying Profile


Today we profile West Palm Beach Florida, one of America’s most interesting and attractive areas from a property investment standpoint.


We will look at the West Palm Beach property profile from the standpoint of 4 key distinguishing markers: the unique ambiance, the excellent location, the distinguished neighbors, and finally the significant investment potential.

Let’s go!



West Palm Beach Property Stand-out Features


Unique Ambiance

West Palm Beach is a city with a smaller town feel. It offers everything, yet doesn’t get bogged down by the hustle of Miami.

Quaint neighborhoods, breathtaking views, streets lined with palm trees, upscale shopping, and of course, fantastic year-round weather.


Excellent Central Location

West Palm Beach is close to Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale yet retains its own special character.

It is the 3rd most populous city in South Florida, boasting a refined and relaxed environment yet close to all major business centers and hubs.


Palm Beach has the highest elevations on the east coast of Florida, and that’s why people picked it. The size of the parcels, when they were subdivided, was done in a resident-oriented way. They do everything for the residents in Palm Beach.

On the other hand, Miami Beach seems to be increasingly catering to tourists. I’ve lived here my whole life and have watched the city grow out of its small beach-town environment and into this booming metropolis. It used to have small-town vibes where everyone knew their neighbors, but those days are gone. I’ve renamed Miami Beach the city of Miami Beach — it’s not a town anymore, it’s a full-blown city. So many of us are gravitating up to Palm Beach, and a lot of young families are moving there, which is fantastic.

Todd Michael Glaser



3 West Palm Beach Properties: Distinguished Neighbors

One of the outstanding features of Palm Beach County is the concentration of millionaires and billionaires, with 33 billionaires living in Palm Beach.

With 4 times the national income average, West Palm Beach is in the middle of Billionaire and Millionaire Alley.


Significant Investment Potential

West Palm Beach offers attractive property $$$ returns in fixed income equity investments, property appreciation, or rental income.

The growing market all but assures long term viability in property ownership, with a range of direct and indirect ownership strategies


Today’s Takeaways

Property investments come in all forms, yet one constant goal is a steady return. West Palm Beach properties are on the rise, and with such a concentration of wealth, this area offers not just significant investment potential through property ownership, but also thru the invaluable personal and business connections to be gained in this locale.


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