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Using data analytics to inform private equity investments

Using data analytics to inform private equity investments

At Private Equity Wire’s Technology Summit last month, we participated in the Data Analytics panel. The panel discussed technology developments, tools, and insights. What should private equity firms be doing to optimize the way they source and aggregate data? Can predictive analytics help bring marginal gains to investment portfolios?

The use of data analytics continues to expand across the private equity landscape. The industry is ready to consume data and use it for analysis, similar to what we have already seen in other vertical markets. Our clients are making investments in their infrastructure to get better analytics and better data, and asking the same from their service providers, and using that to improve processes and inform decisions.

One of the challenges of data analytics in the private equity space is that data from private markets can be limited and unique, making it hard to build a repeatable approach or process to analyze that data. But the demand is definitely there, as people want to spend less time collecting data and more time using the data to improve outcomes and make better, faster investment decisions.

As a service provider and one of the largest private equity administrators in the world, we work with our clients to help them aggregate and analyze their data. Data analytics in private equity may never be completely digital, and we think a human element will remain for quite some time. We help our clients strike that balance.

Download the recording to learn more about how using data analytics can be used in the private equity space to streamline processes, inform decisions and provide new insight into portfolio performance.

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