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US Visa Types | EB5 vs the Others: F1, E2, H1B

Many individuals and families around the world share one common goal: to gain access to the American way of life, permanently if possible.

Today we are going to describe some of the more than 60 types of US visas available to foreigners, along with their advantages and restrictions. The visas differ greatly one from another, and some are much more common than others. Additionally, their availability differ country by country.

For the sake of our article, we are going to differentiate US Visas into 2 groups: Immigrant or Non-Immigrant.

Below are some of the most common visas available to foreigners looking to take part in the American Life. For a full list of US Visas, please follow this link.


Immigrant Visas:

Programa EB-5

EB5 | Permanent Resident Visa

  • Provides foreign investors the opportunity to gain their US Green Card while diversifying their income
  • Valid for 5 years before eligibility for US Citizenship
  • No requirements other than investment


Non-immigrant Visas:

F1 | Temporary Student Visa

  • Provides international students an opportunity to study in the USA
  • Valid for up to 5 years from beginning of study period and only if one is enrolled in school.
  • Applicant must attend registered school and is subject to work and living restrictions.


obter o Green Card por Investimento

E2 Treaty Investor | Self-Employed Work Visa

  • Provides foreigners the opportunity to own and manage their own US business
  • 2 years, with 2 year extensions.
  • Applicant must active manage their company throughout the visa duration


H1B | Employer Sponsored Work Visa

  • Provides foreign workers the opportunity to work in the US for US dollars
  • Valid for 3 years with another 3 year extension.
  • Applicant must work with registered employee sponsor.


Summarizing the above data, it becomes apparent that most of the available visas for foreigners are not immigrant visas and place various restrictions on the applicant. For a full list of US Visas please follow the link at the beginning of the article.

Some of the drawbacks to non-immigrant visas are:
• The documentation and time required to re-apply every couple of years.
• Successful petitioning is not guaranteed upon renewal time.
• The related work, study and travel restrictions associated with the various temporary visas.

Familia Investment

If the goal is to reside in the USA -without restrictions- then an Immigrant Visa is the preferred choice. There are many benefits to Immigrant Visas, whether one is an investor, worker or student.


Here are 10 Benefits to the EB5 Immigrant Visa:

1. Opportunity to apply for US citizenship 5 years after receiving conditional permanent residency
2. Freedom to live, work and travel throughout the US
3. No need for employer sponsor to stay and work in the US
4. No employment restrictions
5. Access to better admission rates than international students
6. Access to reduced in-state tuition
7. Access to more financial aid and scholarship options
8. No work restrictions while attending university
9. No restrictions on fields of study
10. No need to frequently renew the visa

The immigrant type visas, such as the EB5, are permanent. Once the application processes have been completed successfully from beginning to end, and the petition is approved the immigrant now has the same rights and privileges as any other naturalized American.

The main advantage is that through the EB5 Visa Program, the investor becomes an immigrant. With the Green Card in hand the immigrant is now a US Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR).

At BAI Capital, we assist individuals in accomplishing their immigration goals. We have 10 years experience working specifically with the EB5 Visa Program, providing approved EB5 projects for the applicant, facilitating the petition process from beginning to end. Our track record of successful investor/ immigrant petitions is 100%.

We also offer franchise business investments that fulfill the requirements of the temporary F2 Visa, for those individuals who are looking to invest in a US business.

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