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US Immigration Investments | EB5 and E2 Visas

Your dream is to reach America. BAI Capital helps investors become American.

Today we will talk about 2 key US Visas that are especially relevant in 2020, the EB5 and E2.

You and your family can petition for your US Green Card via the EB5 Visa Program.

When you invest 900,000 USD or more into the US economy, and directly create 10 or more jobs, you can apply to receive your US Green Card, which paves the way for your US Citizenship.

BAI Capital can help guarantee that your petition will succeed. Our 10 year track record in fully facilitating this process with families from all over the world is 100% petition success.

EB5 | Permanent Resident Visa
The EB5 Visa Program is an American government project created in 1990 that allows foreigners and their family (under 21) to obtain the permanent residence of the United States through a $900,000 or 1,800,000 USD investment in the country.

• Provides foreign investors the opportunity to gain their US Green Card while diversifying their income.
• When approved, bestows conditional permanent residency.
• Valid for 5 years, then eligible for US Citizenship.
• No requirements other than financial investment.
• EB5 Visa also applies to the applicant’s spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

You can own, manage and PROFIT from a US based business via the E2 Treaty Investor Visa.

When you invest substantial capital in a US based business, you have the opportunity to receive a E2 work visa, that allows you to live in the USA while managing your new business.

BAI Capital offers a range of turnkey franchise and new businesses available for foreign treaty investors looking to get started in the American Dream today.

E2 Treaty Investor | Self-Employed Work Visa
The E-2 visa allows a national of a treaty country to be admitted to the United States when investing a substantial amount of capital in a US business.

• Provides foreigners the opportunity to own and manage their own US business.
• Once approved, bestows a temporary non-immigrant visa.
• Valid for 2 years, with 2 year extensions.
• Applicant must active manage their company throughout the visa duration.
• E2 Visa also applies to the applicant’s spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

The 5 steps to the EB5 Visa Program are:

1. Application and Investment (- 1 to 3 months)
2. i-526 Petition and Approval (- 6-9 months, depending on country of origin)
3. 24 month Conditional Green Card (- 24 months)
4. i-829 Approval Process (- 6-9 months)
5. Investment return, Green Card and Citizenship (- after 5 years from first receiving the Green Card, you may apply for Citizenship)

Applicants must present a clean application: documentation that proves that the source and origin of investment funds were derived in a lawful manner.


The steps to the E2 Visa are:

1. Application and investment of “substantial” capital in a US business
2. Possession of at least 50% of the shares of a real, actual, “bona fide” US based business
3. Active management or involvement of the same new or existing business or franchise throughout the visa term

On top of providing a paperwork demonstrating a clean source of investment capital, applicants must invest in, and manage the same business throughout the duration of the Visa term. Allowable business types include US based pre-existing businesses, new businesses and/ or a franchise. The investor must also be a resident of a US Treaty country.

The EB5 Visa Investment is for you if..

• You want a streamlined, non-involved method of obtaining your US Green Card
• You have substantial financial means at your disposal
• You’re investment return goal is primarily US Citizenship

The E2 Visa Investment is for you if…

• You want to live in the US to make money
• You want to actively manage a US based business
• You are comfortable with renewing your VISA every two years
• You are committed to staying in the US with your chosen business

We at BAI Capital are familiar with all parts of the EB5 and E2 Visa application process and would be more than happy to help you with your American Dream.

On top of these two US immigration investments, we also offer substantial private equity and property investments.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss our services and learn about which one is right for you!

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