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Scuba Club | Investment and immigration opportunity in Palm Beach County

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Today we enter the world of the rich and famous in Palm Beach County, Florida.


  • Why is Palm Beach an investment mecca?

  • What is the overall business climate?

  • What kind of opportunities can you expect in Palm Beach County?


Read on, to learn all of this – and most importantly – discover a BAI Capital exclusive West Palm Beach real estate investment and immigration opportunity.

Join the Club – the Scuba Club Condos


The business climate in Florida is robust and diversified. Florida offers far more than fair weather, luxurious tourism and retirement plans, it offers excellent income opportunities across many industries including: manufacturing, tech, agriculture, service and hospitality, transport, health and education.

In specific, Palm Beach County attracts the super wealthy; this is where they make their next big deal.


Why Florida

  • Fantastic Year Round Weather
  • Countless Tourist Attractions
  • Migration point for Americans from northeast and nationwide
  • Low Sales Tax
  • Low Corporate and Property Taxes
  • Ease of Business Start-up
  • Access to Good Education

Main Florida Cities

  • Jacksonville 926,371
  • Miami 486,388
  • Tampa 413,704
  • Orlando 291,739
  • Saint Petersburg 271,842
  • West Palm Beach 111,955

Unique opportunities of Palm Beach County


From Business Inside Mexico:

Palm Beach County has around 44 billionaires. The super-rich are flocking there for business opportunities, convenient transport links, and a chance to live in ‘paradise.’

Exclusive Palm Beach

  1. Income per capita: $154,906, over 4 times the national average
  2. Poverty level of 5.4%, 3 times less than the national average
  3. 40 billionaires have strong ties to Palm Beach, according to Forbes list of global billionaires
  4. Palm Beach County ranked No.9 nationwide in the poll with 71,221 millionaire households (out of 693,140 total households)


From the The City of West Palm Beach Website:

Home to sunny palm-lined streets, breathtaking waterfront views, quaint shopping districts, historic and scenic neighborhoods, and exciting year-round outdoor festivals. Long a place where people of vision have brought their dreams, built new enterprises, and achieved success, the City of West Palm Beach is a regional center of commerce offering an environment where dreams can still come true. West Palm Beach has several world class shopping and entertainment districts including CityPlace, Clematis Street, Antique Row, Northwood Village and more.


Opportunity to invest and immigrate in West Palm Beach– and join the club

Scuba Club, the upcoming West Palm Beach luxury condominium building development – with EB-5 Capital raise by BAI Capital – is marketed towards high net worth individuals looking to join the club in one of the most prestigious regions of America.

You can now invest through the USA Government regulated EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program and obtain the Permanent Residence Green Card while making an investment into a unique luxurious condominium property.

Located in exclusive West Palm Beach, Florida right on the intra-coastal waterway facing east towards the ocean, the 52-Unit condominium building will consist of 48 condominium units, 2 penthouse units, and 2 townhouse units for sale. Complemented by 3-floor parking garage and top-tier amenities, the 6.68 acre property is located just meters from the Atlantic Ocean.


Offer Summary

Foreign citizens will be able to submit a petition for Permanent Residence also known as Green Card for United States of American through the EB-5 VISA by Investment Federal Program. The investors will need to invest a capital of USD 900,000 plus expenses.

EB-5 Investors will also receive the option to buy one of the units in this exclusive – one of a kind – property with sales price starting just over $1.6 million for a large unit.

If the investor exercises the option, he/she will have rights to use the condo while waiting for the Green Card approval process and opt to secure in the future a deeded ownership unit at the sales price when invested, realizing potential capital gains.


Only a limited number of EB-5 investors will be able to submit a Green Card petition and have exclusive access to property ownership.



Located in West Palm Beach – in the middle of “Millionaire – and Billionaire – Alley” – this exceptional development is backed by the area’s most experienced and prolific developer and architects. The Scuba Club Luxury Condominiums offers exclusivity and your entry into the club – at a very attractive price point.


  1. Unparalleled Location
  2. No Comparable Offerings
  3. Strong Regional Economy
  4. Hot Local Market
  5. Access to Exclusive Connections
  6. Low Unit Price
  7. Top Tier Features
  8. Remarkable Value
  9. Fantastic Long term Investment
  10. “Membership in The Club”


For more info on purchasing and/ or immigrating with Scuba Club Condos, send an email to [email protected]



BAI Capital is a U.S. based full-service boutique investment company offering exclusive worldwide representation. Established & headquartered in Miami Florida, we offer risk-managed opportunities for the discerning investor.

We welcome you to join us in our top tier service delivery of American real estate equity funds and related properties, or for turn-key management in the EB-5 immigrant investor program.

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