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Risk-Managed Equity, Visa and Property Investments




BAI Capital is a Miami based boutique investment firm, offering risk-managed Equity and Property Investments, assistance with the E2 Investor Visa, as well as the EB-5 Visa Program, which grants the US Green Card / permanent US residency for qualified investors.




US Investments see returns in US dollars. This is BAI Capital Equity.


Each BAI Capital business is structured as a closed, private fund that capitalizes funds from high-income families and individuals located inside and outside the United States. Capital is applied to previously analyzed and structured investments normally having a life cycle of 5 to 7 years with option to re-invest in re-mortgaged, or separate fund.

Accredited Investors buy shares in our SEC regulated Development Funds as a Preferred or Common Equity Partners, or in some cases, as mezzanine lenders. Quarterly payout begins after 6 months.


Your dream is to reach America. BAI Capital helps investors become American.


EB5 Green Card Visa
You and your family can petition for your US Green Card via the EB5 Visa Program.

When you invest 1,000,000 USD or more into the US economy, and directly create 10 or more jobs, you can apply to receive your US Green Card, which paves the way for your US Citizenship.

BAI Capital can help guarantee that your petition will succeed. Our 10 year track record in fully facilitating this process with families from all over the world is 100% petition success.

Accredited investors buy preferred shares as an equity partner in our SEC regulated development funds. In exchange for investing in the US economy, the investor gains the chance to petition for the US Green Card.

EB5 Visa / Green Card is eligible for investor, spouse and children under 21.


E2 Investor Visa
Own, manage and PROFIT from a US based business via the E2 Treaty Investor Visa.

When you invest substantial capital in a US based retail business, you have the opportunity to receive a E2 work visa, that allows you to live in the USA while managing your new business.

BAI Capital offers a range of turnkey franchise and new businesses available for foreign treaty investors looking to get started in the American Dream today.


Are you looking for the ideal property to reward your hard work? Welcome to BAI Capital Property.


BAI Capital’s team of realty specialists dedicate themselves to help you own the best property possible. Ideal locations in Florida coupled with low mortgage rates help guarantee your return on investment.

Owning property gains returns in two ways: rental income and property appreciation.

Florida features a unique property/ housing profile ideal for investors:
• Higher than national average population renting
• Higher than average rent prices
• Landlord friendly laws
• Multi-cultural demographics
• Diverse economy
• Great access to education
• Ideal weather



The life cycle of our partner investments in general range from 1 to 10 years.


5-7 year investment term, with quarterly payouts beginning at 6 months
150,000 USD min investment for accredited investors.

2 year private mezzanine loan, fixed payout upon term completion.
100,000 USD min investment.



5-7 year investment term, with quarterly payouts beginning at 6 months
3-5 year wait time to receive EB5 Visa/ US Green Card.
900,000 USD plus management fees investment, for qualified investors

1-??? year investment term, investment in US retail franchise
3-6 months wait time to receive E2 Investor Visa.
350,000 USD plus management fee investment for qualified investors.
Guaranteed E2 Visa or money back



1-??? year investment term.
Immediate monthly rental return through turnkey management.
Property appreciation upon sale
390,000 USD minimum unit price, with 50% down.







Highlands Residences | North Miami Beach
Already built Condo Units to Own and Rent

Your opportunity to purchase pre-built ready to rent turn-key luxury units in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Designed by the famous architect Carlos Ott Highlands Residences is a comfortable and luxurious 60 unit, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with pleasant amenities to enjoy such as a pool and gym.

• Unit prices start at 500,000 USD.
• Estimated monthly rental income of 2,400 TO 3,000 USD.
• Nightly rental from 200-300 USD.

Highlands is currently licensed by the community and by the city to rent on a daily or annual basis.


Archer Place Student Housing Condominium Development | Gainesville Florida

Archer Place is located just minutes from the University of Florida campus in Gainesville Florida.
Founded in 1866, the University of Florida is listed #7 in the ranking of state universities nationwide, with more than 75,000 enrolled students.

The Archer Place project is the result of careful market analysis in the real estate sector, aimed at the student segment. Education, an essential service and tradition, alongside with the accompanying student housing, are two sectors that should show a strong recovery post COVID-19. This promises to be a great investment option due its location, concept and design.



Ideal Location
The Archer Place Student Housing Development is well situated in a location and region that is growing both economically and in population.

Project Feasibility
The demand for more housing creates the need for more affordable student housing, a consistently stable market for property investors.

BAI Capital Track record
Become American Investor LLC, along with its experienced development partners hold decades of profitable project completion.


Archer Place | Equity Investment

Be part of the first round of capital raising and get the best returns!

Investors can Participate in Preferred and Common Share Equity Investments

• Quarterly payments at 8% for Series A Preferred Shares and 7% for Type B.
• First payout begins 6 months after investment is made, then pro-rata on a quarterly basis.
• Once project is in operation the expected net distribution will be in the range of 10% per year.
• On the third to fifth year upon full occupation the sale or refinance of the project will generate an expected additional distribution of up to 25%.


Archer Place | EB5 Visa / Green Card Investment

Immigrant candidates like you can invest in Archer Place, a TEA Qualified EB-5 Visa Project managed exclusively by BAI Capital.

• EB5 Investor will purchase Preferred Equity Series B shares for up USD 9 mm (900,000 x 10)
• 10 EB5 Investors will share 24% of total project profit distribution*
• Minimum Coupon of 7% per year*
• Distribution on a quarterly basis every year including during construction.
• Additional capital gain distribution at 5th year estimated at 40% for Type B over amount invested.
• PLUS, within 3-5 years you can petition for, and receive a US Green Card for yourself, your spouse, and your children under 21.

(*) Less EB-5 Manager fees


Archer Place | Condo Pre-sales

Owning your own condo can provide stable rental income with attractive long term appreciation.

• 2 and 3 bedroom Units with a sales price from 388,000 USD.
• 10,000 USD refundable reservation fee
• 50,000 USD with sales purchase
• Balance of 50% to be paid during construction (18 months)
• 50% on delivery – Mortgage available.
• Optional apartment key and rental management in place for property owners

PLUS expected rental income of 7% or more!




BAI Capital was established through Become American Investor LLC in 2013 to assist private companies and individuals in the area of US based project capitalization.

Investing in a secure and conservative project is an essential requirement for steady returns and anticipated results.




Highlands Residences | North Miami Beach, Florida.
EB5 Visa Investment Fund

COMPLETED: January 2020
EB-5 CAPITAL RAISE: $10,500,000
TOTAL JOBS IMPACT: 328 jobs used in construction


Palms Residence | Bay Harbor Islands, Florida
EB5 Visa Investment Fund

COMPLETED: July 2018
EB-5 CAPITAL RAISE: $8,000,000
TOTAL JOBS IMPACT: 230 jobs created in construction step


The Surf Club, North Miami Beach, Florida.
EB5 Visa Investment Fund

EB-5 CAPITAL RAISE: $100,000,000




BAI Capital is a client-oriented boutique company with a sophisticated team of investment advisers. We have the experience and resources necessary to offer exclusive and very select investment opportunities not available from other sources, projects where we ourselves also invest.

BAI Capital’s investments cover the middle ground between risk and profitability. Thus, we manage to retain a portfolio of clients with substantive purchasing power, investors that accompany us in different projects.




Whether it’s real estate, rental or equity, here are 6 solid reasons to choose American investments.

When you invest in the USA:
1. Your returns are in US dollars
2. Your investment is in the world’s largest economy
3. You tap into the stability of the US market
4. You gain US connections for even more future profits
5. Your investment is supported by the immense US infrastructure.
6. The US market offers you the widest variety of investment choices.




BAI Capital
Secure Equity, Visa and Property Investments for the Discerning Investor

We welcome your interest and wish you the best expanding your capital.
Feel free to ask us which of our projects is best suited for your investment goals.


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