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Investing in Florida during COVID & Omnicron


The coronavirus pandemic is entering its third year with the newest variant, Omnicron, and significant sectors of the economy are still depressed.

Florida took a different stance than many other US states over the last year, adopting a laissez-faire business first strategy in the face of COVID.

Let’s look into how you can invest in Florida real estate while remaining in your home country, or state, as well as looking at travel options to Florida at the current time.


Omnicron Variant

From the the recent article from Gulf News

Johannesburg: A strong wave of COVID-19 infections driven by the Omicron variant could hasten the end of pandemic disruptions as it appears to cause less severe illness and provides protection against the Delta variant, South Africa-based researchers said.

While Omicron is significantly more infectious than Delta, hospital and mortality data in countries including South Africa – the first country to experience a wave of Omicron infections – appears to show that it causes less severe disease.


Florida COVID Regulations

From December 2021

If you’ve just moved here or are visiting, you are now in “Free Florida.” Everything is open. Masks are optional. And questions about your vaccine status are mostly not allowed.

Florida’s absence of COVID-19 rules can be jolting to those who have arrived from other places. In many states, kids still have to wear masks at school, and restaurants ask to see their vaccine proof.

But the rules are different here….

Restaurants & Shopping

Masks are not required at restaurants and most shopping establishments.

School Mask Policies

There is no public school mask mandate.


Omnicron COVID rates in Florida are surging, yet death rates are some of the lowest in the country. This is possibly due to built-up immunity from the Delta variant, which was particularly hard felt in Florida last summer. In other words, there is relatively little of the Delta variant left, leaving the milder Omnicron in its wake.

Public Events

Some public events require masks, others don’t.


There are much more mixed attitudes towards mask-wearing in Florida than in most other states. On a state level, there is no need to show proof of vaccination; however local and federal policies override these regulations in some locations.


Investing in Real Estate During COVID

In brief, this is how you invest in Florida properties right from your home:

  1. After reviewing our projects, you choose your preferred option.
  2. Money is sent and held in a third-party government-regulated escrow account until the shares or property are purchased, or until the visa petition is filed for the Green Card.
  3. Once the process is finished you can enjoy the returns on your investment, and, if you invested for a visa option you may also relocate to America.

For more info, follow this link >>>


As for traveling to Florida in January 2022 to research your best options, then BUY, we can assist you with Airbnb housing options while you stay here, with personalized guided tours of our property developments and condos for sale in Miami, Palm Beach County, and Gainesville Florida.

All that is required is a negative COVID test and proof of vaccination when traveling by air from abroad.


Today’s Takeaways on Investing in Florida during COVID

Florida continues to be a destination real estate investment location.

And, as it appears that the Omnicron variant could be less severe, it may be the marker of a transition into less damaging influenza strains, ie the beginning of the end of COVID.

In any case, Florida continues to welcome tourism and foreign investment, whether it be from residents of New York City, or Lima, Peru.

Contact us today to leverage your capital into our exclusive Florida projects and condos, before the market rates rise even higher.


*** All the staff at BAI Capital follow social distancing and vaccine protocols as recommended by the CDC. ***


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