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Interview with Iván Rodríguez: BAI Capital Latin American Investment Tour

On a successful business tour, BAI Capital installed its investment portfolio available to international investors, generating exclusive events in Chile and Colombia with the commitment to bring U.S. investments closer to interested parties.

This is thanks to one of its products, which is the investment in projects compatible with the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. Because it allows –along with fixed annual returns– the possibility of obtaining the American residence or Green Card for the investor, their spouse and children under 21 years of age.

On the success of this Latin American tour, Iván Rodriguez, vice president of international business at BAI Capital, said, who highlighted a large and warm reception from people in the cities he visited.

1. How has the reception of Bai Capital’s Latin American investment tour been?

We started the tour in Colombia, where we were in Medellín two weeks, then two weeks in Bogotá and this is the second week we are in Santiago. I have seen a lot of receptivity, both in Colombia and here in Chile, there is a lot of interest in investing, but also from many people or potential customers to migrate from their countries.

If there is a significant portion of the customers we have received who are simply interested in investing, safeguarding their dollar money and taking their dollar money out. What they’re looking for is profitability, “dollarizing” their money. Throughout this tour we have captured several customers, several pure investors and a few looking to migrate through the EB5 program, so sincerely this tour is being a success, it hasn’t touched much work.

Now we have a few more weeks left in Santiago, the idea later is to go to Mexico, we are thinking about getting to Peru, Lima and then going to Brazil. It’s a market that was very important to us, we left it in pandemic and now we’re going to return.

2. How do you see the current Latin American economic scenario and the advantages of investing in the U.S. in the context we are in?

In the context in which we are currently in inflation at a global level, there is basically disruption in the supply chains, a considerable increase in the value of energy due to the issue of war in Ukraine, in fact what is happening in Latin America is being much higher than American inflation (last month we closed with inflation of 8.3% and accumulated we have been 6.2%).

That indicates that over the coming years there will be a devaluation of Latin American currencies against the dollar. that’s why investing in dollars is very profitable, since it is a way of protecting capital and maintaining the purchasing capacity of its capital because definitely because of the inflation rates we see in particular in Chile, its currency will devalue against the dollar, due to the international contingency, in addition to a topic of political uncertainty that may add more “wood to the fire.”

3. What is BAI Capital offering on this business tour?

We currently have a project called Archer Place, this is a complex, a mixed-use real estate development that has a student residence, a condominium building and a commercial plate, then we are offering potential investors to be shareholders of the project, purchasing preferred shares and as such receiving a fixed annual benefit plus a distribution of benefits at the end, so basically because we’re our partner, our preferred partners will receive returns on their capital.

4. What are these private meetings?

People who request private meetings are people who are interested in participating in our project, either because they want to invest to migrate to get the green card for them and their family or invest to protect their capital and get a dollar return, or they just want to buy a department within our development.

Basically in meetings, we meet privately to understand what our prospects are looking for, and based on that we recommend the product that best suits their needs, in short, they are discovery meetings. The client can bring anyone, his wife, children, trusted attorney, tax advisor, accounting advisor, etc. to this conversation.

5. What is the way to schedule a private meeting with BAI Capital? How did you see the Chilean investor?

We can organize the meetings in person or virtually, we are living in Chile frequently, at the moment we do not have an office, but we are evaluating that option. But, they can also be online, at any time. Even while in Chile, potential customers have asked me to have virtual meetings for convenience, to avoid traffic, because I live in a city other than Santiago, etc.

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