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International Students Can Stay in the USA


“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt


Your dream is to live in America as an American. Do You Know Your Pathway to US Citizenship?


Learn more from the experienced immigration and visa experts at BAI Capital.


The dream for a better life and more opportunity is universal.

Many of us are driven to become someone greater, or to achieve something better for ourselves or our family. The American Dream exists for people like you. It exists for those of us who feel that they can’t realize their potential nor accomplish their goals where they are. And it’s a proven fact that the United States of America has provided generations of individuals and families the opportunity to achieve greatness.

So here’s the question. What’s your plan for gaining US Citizenship? Do you have one?

The experts at BAI Capital have been helping immigrants enter America for the last 2 decades. Today they will help you learn about your different Visa options once you finish school, and which one is the best for your situation.

How will I be able to stay in the US after graduation?

Based on historical trends as well as new changes to US Visas regulations, here are some of the scenarios you may face in the years to come.

Read on to learn about the most popular citizenship and residency outcomes.



As you finish school you apply for jobs in your field and hope to get hired immediately. You land your dream job and secure a H1B Specialized Occupation Visa.

But then what about when the visa term is up? Unfortunately, new regulations in effect Dec. 2020 have reduced the H1B Visa term from 3 to 1 years. Additionally, new rules will make the approval process harder, with some experts quoting a 20% approval rate. These new regulations came about in part because of the struggling economy combined with the Coronavirus epidemic led the current administration to make the application more stringent, to prioritize employment among nationalized Americans.

However, the H1B Visa remains the go-to Visa should you be looking for a non-immigrant work Visa.



As you continue with your studies, you learn about the EB5 Investor Visa. This Visa allows the petitioner, spouse and children under 21 to apply for Green Cards for the whole family via an investment in the US economy. The investment amount of 900,000 USD plus management expenses is returned plus interest after about 5 years.

The key advantage of the EB5 Visa is that it is an immigrant visa that leads to the Green Card and US Citizenship. Other than the investment, there are no requirements, and once approved, there is no need for renewal. You are free to live, work and study in the USA without restriction, as a naturalized American.



You complete your studies (CONGRATULATIONS!!!), apply for a H1B Visa through employment sponsorship, but are rejected again and again because of the new regulations.

Your 3 options are to re-apply for another F1 Visa by enrolling in more studies, beholden to the restrictions of the F1 Visa; or, to return home to your home country and re-apply for US employment and the H1B from there; or, to look for work in your home country.


The 3 scenarios above are the 3 viable most options for staying in the US after graduation.

Now it’s up to you to decide what you are going to do with your future.
Choose well, and best of luck becoming American.


If you want to learn more about your US immigration options, including applying for the EB5 Green Card Investor Visa Program, feel free to book a meeting with an immigration expert at BAI Capital today.


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