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How to Invest in Real Estate in the USA


Prime Florida Condo Properties, Stable Fixed-Return Real Estate Funds, + EB-5 Visa Green Cards for You and Your Family.


It’s Easy to Invest In USA Real Estate

When partnered with the right firm, investing in US real estate can be a simple, safe and straightforward process. The advantages of investing in the US are many, especially in the current financial climate. When you invest in the USA, your returns are in US dollars, you tap into the stability of the US market, and you gain invaluable American connections for even more future profits.


Why Choose Properties in Florida – “The Sunshine State”

As a foreign investor in US real estate, it can be hard to decide on where to commit your capital. Over the last few decades, for several key reasons, Florida has become the property investment location of choice for many international investors. Florida features a unique profile: landlord-friendly laws, multi-cultural demographics, diverse economy, ideal weather, great access to education, higher than average rent prices, and most importantly, low property and sales tax.


BAI Capital | Developers and Investors in US Real Estate

Over the last 15 years, BAI Capital has become recognized as a boutique firm specializing in developing projects and raising private capital for real estate projects across Florida, Texas, and New York. From residential to hotel and from retail to multifamily and mixed-use properties, BAI has become a unique real estate development company based out of South Florida, one that focuses on building lasting relationships with each of its international investor clients. BAI Capital is your guide to how to invest in real estate in the USA.


Exclusive Investment & Immigration Opportunities in Florida USA

BAI Capital offers several types of turn-key property investment opportunities structured to meet the needs of the international partner. With capital investments as equity partners in Florida developments, it is easy to see annual fixed income returns of 7% plus additional targeted returns. This investment structure is also used for investors looking to immigrate via the EB-5 Visa Program. Finally, prime condos are available to purchase already built or with attractive pre-build pricing.


How to Invest in Real Estate in the USA. Gain Instant Access – in Today’s Climate. 

With the current political climate, now is the time to diversify your portfolio while maintaining ties to your home country. BAI Capital can also help you leverage your capital to provide your family with the American way of life, via the USCIS EB-5 Program.


Learn more about your best US property investment options here >>>



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