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How to get a Green Card by investment in the US

The United States permanent residence card, also known as a Green Card, can be obtained in several ways for those who want to live in the USA. One of them is investing through the EB-5 Program. That meeting certain requirements will allow the interested party and his family to enjoy all the benefits that the country offers.

Living in the USA is a goal for many foreign investors. That is why in 1990, under section 203(b)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the United States Congress created a fifth employment-based preference (EB-5) immigrant visa category. Which was recently updated and establishes the basis for an investment to become a Green Card.

This program is intended for investors looking to invest in businesses that benefit the US economy. And at the same time they want to obtain a permanent residence.

How does the EB-5 Program work?

The investor visa program aims to stimulate the economy in emerging areas of the country through foreign capital. And for a foreign investment to be considered within the EB-5 Program, it must be destined for a specific type of project.

It is necessary to meet requirements such as the generation of at least 10 full-time jobs and the participation of relatively new companies. In addition, the investor must have a minimum capital of 800,000USD. Amount that may decrease if the fund is allocated to a project in a rural area or with high unemployment (Target Employment Area).

About 10,000 Green Cards are available to foreign investors each fiscal year. That in the USA is celebrated every September 30.

Step by step to obtain the Green Card by investment

The first step in applying for an EB-5 visa is to locate a project that meets the requirements established in the program. The average time to obtain the Green Card is 2 years. Although this period can be reduced if it is a project of national interest or located in a rural area.

Then, the investor through an attorney must submit an application to enter the program, completing Form I-526. In this step, the interested party must make transparent the origin of the capital to be used. For which you must have a source and route of legal funds.

The next step is, once the first form is approved, to present to a US consulate or embassy a second document known as Form DS-260, which will grant residence in the country for 2 years. But this is not the end of the road.

After this period, the investor is already in a position to change his immigration status from “non-immigrant” to “permanent resident”. Procedure that – for security reasons – it is recommended to carry out through a lawyer. However, it can also be done by a natural person.

If you are interested in knowing more about this process, you can read our timeline of the process to obtain the Green Card in the USA.

Investing in BAI Capital is investing in the United States

As we have seen, one of the greatest benefits of investing in the USA is the possibility of entering the EB-5 program. And in this way obtain the permanent residence permit, or Green Card.

BAI Capital or Become American Investor LLC is a boutique firm with more than 12 years of experience. Specialized in raising, investing and managing private capital. Mainly for capital investments in real estate development projects in the United States.

All BAI Capital real estate projects are under the rules and regulations of the EB-5 program. Therefore, investing in BAI Capital allows investors to receive the Green Card.

You already know how to obtain a Green Card by investment. If you are looking to protect your capital from inflation or want to know how to apply for US residency, complete our form in the “contact” section.

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