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EB-5 Program BEST Options in Summer 2021


As many of you are aware, 2 major events occurred in the EB-5 world in June 2021.


Firstly, A welcome return to the original EB-5 500,000 USD investment amount as per the court ruling revoking the 2019 “EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Modernization Final Rule” which had almost doubled the amount to $900,000 USD.

Secondly, A lapse in the EB-5 Program as the June 30th re-authorization for a reformed program was not unanimously passed.


Insiders are presenting 2 likely scenarios to re-authorization:

  1. Temporary summer re-authorization with the reverted, original $500,000 USD application amount.
  2. Re-authorization at Annual Senate Spending Bill, September 30th, 2021, EITHER at $500,000 or $900,000 USD amount.


In today’s email we show you how to take advantage of the silver lining in this situation, and benefit for your future with the possibility to save substantial $$$ in your application.


At BAI Capital we believe in full transparency, accountability, and creating the atmosphere that encourages trust and long-term partnerships. Our integrity and experience are what have brought us recognition and awards within the industry – and we are proud to serve you.

Today we offer the links below to help you get the best, most up to date AND unbiased information of the EB-5 world.

Please use these sites to cross-reference information you may be getting from other sources. Unfortunately, unscrupulous and even fraudulent players exist in the EB-5 Immigration Investment world. There are more than willing to take your life savings for investment in a project that may not be feasible. Or, even worse, they may request your funds to be transferred directly, bypassing the escrow safeguard.

The escrow process is YOUR protection against issues either with your documentation, or, in the documentation of the JCE/ NCE/ Regional Center Development you will be investing with.


*** Click below for the EB-5 steps to correctly apply with confidence***

Inside this useful article you will find the steps you need to complete your petition successfully, as well as links to even more valuable EB-5 application process information.


What we recommend at this point in the end of July 2021 is the following:

  1. Get your source of funds documentation ready NOW to take advantage of the current $500,000 USD investment amount.
  2. Have the documentation ready to go into escrow should the EB-5 Program be re-authorized this summer at this lowered/ original amount.
  3. Understand that investment funds can be made in payments and secured against your assets. For more information on this loophole contact one of our investment advisors today.


As promised here are the source sites with links to the most relevant, current and unbiased EB-5 Regulations and Information.

USCIS | U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

EB5 Investors | portal for EB-5 investor information

Blog Lucid Text | Suzanne Lazicki

CIS | Center for Immigration Studies

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