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Imagen representativa de Inversores EB-5 recuperan su dinero - EB-5 investors get their money back

Do EB-5 investors get their money back?

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is a federal program that offers foreign nationals a method to obtain an immigrant visa and permanent residence in the United States, with an investment that can be returned.

The EB-5 investor visa program is one of the most popular ways for foreigners to obtain a Green Card. This type of visa requires an investment in a relatively new commercial company and one that is capable of creating 10 jobs.

The investment is $800,000, so most EB-5 investors wonder if they will get their investment back and want to know if they will get a financial return on their capital.

In that sense, demonstrating financial profitability and investor reimbursement is an important part of the EB-5 process, which is why there have been numerous analyzes and studies related to finance on whether investors in an EB-5 project recover their investments. .

The short answer is yes, investors get their investment back. Also, in most cases, EB-5 investors earn significant returns on their investments.

The relevance of this program is so high for the country that the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) requested public opinion on the convenience of renewing the regulations governing EB-5 visas and on how to improve it., including economic analysis of the EB-5 Program.

EB-5 Financial Return on Investment

At BAI Capital, EB-5 investors should know that the capital used will be fully returned, offering increasingly attractive rates of return within the market.

The process begins with the investment of capital established by the Government of the United States. Then, throughout the entire process, the investor will receive fixed annual returns in dollars.

And finally, once the project selected for the program is completed, the investor will be granted a distribution of benefits in addition to what has already been obtained.

Process to obtain the Green Card in the EB-5 Program

The first step to apply for an EB-5 visa is to locate a project with the requirements established in the program. Then, the investor must hire an immigration attorney to apply to enter the program, completing Form I-526.

In this step, the interested party must make the investment of 800,000 USD and make the origin of the capital used transparent, for which they must have a legal source and route of funds.

The next (optional) step is, once the first form is approved, to present a second document known as Form I-485 that will allow obtaining an immigration status to reside in the USA while obtaining the Green Card.

Once this period has elapsed, the investor is now in a position to adjust his immigration status from “non-immigrant” to “permanent resident”. Procedure that is recommended to carry out through a lawyer.

The average time to obtain a Green Card is 2 to 3 years. Although this period can be reduced if it is a project of national interest or located in a rural area.

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