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COVID-19 Phase 2: Preparing for New Normal


Last week we wrote a post about moving forward out of the Coronavirus restrictions. Today we return to Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


To assess the current climate as it stands at the beginning of June, 2020, in this post we cover the situation in the USA and, for a little perspective, the UK.

We hope that this information will help you with your investment strategies moving forward this year.

The Coronavirus has affected the whole world in so many negative ways, yet health and government officials of each nation have created their own respective strategies to challenge and defeat the pandemic.


This part of the process is called Phase 2, whereby communities are slowly opened back up, both socially and economically.

How each community handles this is part is the result of the 3 different governments involved: municipal, state and federal. This is why we see such varied approaches to containing the Pandemic within each country.

In the White House link titled Opening America, the US Re-opening Strategy is outlined as containing three components and 3 phases.


The 3 components are:
  1. Criteria for Re-opening
  2. Preparedness for Re-opening
  3. Phase Guidelines


The 3 Re-opening Phases are:

Phase 1: Limited and gradual re-opening for essential services
Phase 2: Most normal and non-essential activities are resumed, BUT with adequate safety measures in place
Phase 3: All regular activities are resumed, but with continued safety measures implemented.


Quoted from the document:

“Proposed Phased Approach:


We can read or watch the news and notice that each US State is approaching Phase 2 after analyzing the 3 components for Re-opening.


Now, let’s take a look at the Re-opening strategy in the UK.
The over-riding theme in the document Our Plan to Rebuild is to protect lives.


The 3 UK Phases for tackling COVID-19 are:

Phase 1: Contain, delay, research and mitigate;
Phase 2: Smarter controls;
Phase 3: Reliable treatment.


Part 2 of the document, is titled Our Aims: Saving Lives; Saving Livelihoods. This quote is as follows:

“The Government’s aim at the centre of this plan is to:
return to life as close to normal as possible, for as many people as possible, as fast and fairly as possible….
…in a way that avoids a new epidemic, minimises lives lost and maximises health, economic and social outcomes.”


The tone is that balance must be achieved moving forward.


We wish each community, state and country luck and hope that they execute their plan cautiously and successfully. The need to balance the different aspects of our lives is of utmost importance, and we salute and acknowledge all the hard work and sacrifices that have been made during this trying time.

At BAI Capital we are here to answer any of your Equity and EB5 Visa Investment questions you may have at this time.


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