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Benefits of getting Green Card or American residence

The Green Card is a document that grants the beneficiary permanent residence to live legally and with final immigration status in the United States.

USCIS, or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, may grant the Green Card for two years and then extend status for up to 10 years. After this period, it is necessary to renew it or start the citizenship process if the interested party meets the requirements.

The benefits of getting the Green Card are many. Want to know what they are? We tell you.

Primary Benefit – Legal Status to Live in the United States

Among the most relevant benefits of getting a green card to live in the USA is being sure not to be deported. This also extends to immediate family members.

Getting a Green Card is basically the first step in applying for U.S. citizenship. This after being a beneficiary for at least 5 years of American residence.

The main requirements to access this benefit are being 18 years of age or older, having resided in the same state for 90 days prior to the start of the application, or having been present in the United States for at least 30 months in the 5 years prior to the application filing date.

But it’s definitely not the only benefit. In the United States, all boys and girls have the right to receive free public education from kindergarten through grade 12, regardless of race, national origin, language, sex, or immigration status.

Social security is also accessed with the Green Card. One of the main reasons for people seeking permanent residency. Immigrants who apply for their Green Card in the U.S. can simultaneously obtain Social Security to work legally and with rights in the country.

Green Card benefits for wife and children

If someone is a beneficiary or already has a Green Card in their name, they can extend this benefit to their spouse and unmarried children under age 21. Those who receive all the benefits of permanent residency.

Wife and children who meet these requirements will have access to education and freedom of work as will U.S. citizens.

Another important benefit is being able to enter and exit the country without further inconvenience while the Green Card is active, although travel should not be too long as permanently residing in another country is cause for green card loss.

Investing in BAI Capital is investing in the United States

BAI Capital or Become American Investor LLC is a boutique firm with more than 12 years of experience specializing in raising, investing and managing private equity. Primarily for capital investments in real estate development projects in the United States.

With a presence in real estate in the states of Florida, Texas and New York. We specialize in generating value from land acquisition to the development of large projects. Such as senior residences, student residences, multifamily rental and mixed-use buildings including condo and retail.

Our mission is to safeguard partner capital and equity under minimal risk exposure. With safe development and going through all stages. Land purchase, urban zoning adjustment, commercial vision in architectural development, and work permit management. We then take charge of capitalization, construction and exit with return of capital and earnings to partners.

In this way, we guarantee fixed and stable returns for your customer portfolio. In addition to having a confidential work protocol with encrypted web forms. Use of protected personal data and private encounters with our agents throughout Latin America.

You already know what the benefits of getting the Green Card are. If you’re looking to protect your capital from inflation or want to know how to obtain U.S. residence by investment, fill out our form on the website. We invite you to be part of our portfolio of customers who earn fixed returns in USD.

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