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BAI Capital NEWS in Peru and South America

Over the last 13 years, our services and opportunities have been featured internationally in print, television, and digital publications.

Today, we invite you to browse our articles, links to digital publications, and televised newscasts from around the world.

Let’s Go!


Our recent TV interview from Spring 2022 featured in Nuevo Dia Noticias on ATV Sur, in Arequipa, Peru.

In this video, BAI Senior Investment Advisor Iván Rodriguez gives details of the reactivation of the EB-5 program that allows foreign investors to apply for and receive a residence permit. He points out that the investment is 800,000 dollars, which should be allocated to a project that generates jobs in the United States. The requirements to participate in the project are to have the money to invest and be able to demonstrate its origin, in addition to generating US job creation.


EB-5 Visa Approved for Peruvians

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The EB-5 Integrity and Reform Act of 2022 reauthorizes the EB-5 Regional Center Program until September 30, 2027. There is high anticipation from Peruvian investors to apply to the Program; BAI Capital offers several eligible projects to apply for the American residence.


Real Estate Investments are More Profitable outside of Domestic Market

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Expanding personal funds on a large scale is possible, thanks to various investment plans.

Faced with the certain financial instability experienced during 2021, new options appear in the plans of Peruvians to grow their money, such as investing in the US market.


Alternatives for the Safeguarding of Capital in the Face of Uncertainty in Peru

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Based in Aventura, Florida, BAI Capital specializes in residential developments, mixed-use developments, and commercial hotel developments. Its years of experience providing residential real estate investments in the United States for various clients in South America, and, recently, Peru is a guarantee of its operations.


Great Investment Opportunities in Florida’s Number One Tech City

>>> LINK

BAI Capital, a leading developer company in the real estate sector with 12 years of international prestige, has been leading the Archer Place real estate project, a high-end multi-housing complex located in Gainesville, Florida, whose investment offer has caught the attention of investors in the Peruvian market.


The Archer Place Condos Website



Today’s Takeaways

BAI has been active in South America for over 10 years. Founders Arturo Venti and Tery Fuentes both hail from Venezuela, and are now proud Americans providing real estate and immigration opportunities for investors abroad.

We look forward to continue sharing our exclusive US immigration and investment opportunities with you, in your home country.

We like to think that there is opportunity everywhere. US real estate, in specific high-growth Florida properties and developments, can offer security, returns in US dollars, and great upswing potential.

To take advantage of the exclusive U.S. property opportunities that BAI Capital offers, please visit regularly to see our updated schedule of events and the newest media highlights.


BAI Capital offers one-on-one private investment consultations in Florida USA, remotely over the phone or zoom, as well as in-person overseas. Contact us today!

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