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Jun 4, 2020


At BAI Capital we offer 3 types of investment: Equity, Condominium Sales and EB5 Visa Immigration Investments.


Each kind of investment is suited towards a different type of investor. Let’s look at these 3 profiles today and tie it into Archer Place. This is our upcoming 195 apartment complex in Gainesville Florida, located on the University of Florida campus. Archer Place is an investment that is ideal for the 3 types of investors.



The Equity investment is for those who look for a hands-off mid term investment in a specific project.

In this case Archer Place. Returns are 7% in the form of an annual coupon. Within 5-7 years, payback for investment is anticipated.

Investment in equity with BAI starts at 50 000usd.



Condo Sales are for investors looking for a bit more involvement.

And who may also want to invest for a longer term. Furthermore, part of this investment is based on anticipated ongoing rental revenue. In the case of Archer Place, local or international buyers can purchase a unit with up to 50% mortgage. Buyers can manage the unit themselves, or take advantage of the turnkey management provided by BAI.

Condo sales generally start in the 400 000usd range.


Bandera Americana


The EB5 Visa Investor is looking for two things.

Firstly, a secure way to emigrate to the USA. And secondly, a way to make some money along the way in the mid term. Archer Place is a TEA approved project in a steady growth area. EB5 investors in Archer Place, on top of gaining an opportunity to petition for the US Green Card, will be buying preferred shares of the project, thus capitalizing on the Equity benefits.

Minimum investment for an EB5 Petition is 900 000usd.



In a nutshell these are the 3 investments that BAI Capital offers to its clients. Most of our clients have been historically from Latin America, but we also work with American and Chinese nationals, and individuals from all countries.

No matter what investment type, each client is treated with a personal and family based approach. We feel that building relationships are the most important part of a successful partnership.

Contact BAI Capital to learn more about Archer Place or how we can help you with your investment portfolio.


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