Apply for the Green Card as an investor in real estate projects in Florida, U.S.A. through the federal EB-5 program

May 31, 2021

We will be in San Isidro, Lima, Peru during the next few days to attend private meetings, previously arranged, with investors interested in investment opportunities within real estate projects in Florida, either with the aim of applying for the permanent visa – green card – or as a simple asset diversification.




BAI Capital based in Miami is developing real estate projects in Florida where you can invest in a preferred partner position and achieve fixed annual returns of up to 7% in dollars, apply for the Green Card if you wish, or simply buy an apartment in pre-construction.



You will be attending: Iván Rodríguez Senior Investment Advisor of BAI Capital

Private meetings from June 1st.

Minimum investment is US $ 500,000.

Investment for the Green Card program is US $ 1,000,000.

Possibility of partial contributions in a maximum period of 1 year.



To schedule your appointment send email to: [email protected], via whatsapp at +1.954.706.4834, or call +1.305.330.5299

COVID SAFE: we will maintain a safe distance, and all hygiene protocols to guarantee a safe meeting.

We are vaccinated.

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